In Snow Paddy, parents of future first-graders traditionally lined up at night to apply to school (PHOTOS)

Today, April 1, Vladivostok schools began accepting documents from the parents of future first-graders. It is expected that next year, for the first time, about 7,000 kindergartens will cross the thresholds of educational institutions. According to and. at. head of the education department of the city administration Maxim Kilchevsky, reception of documents this year goes in a regular mode: without queues and excitement. However, correspondents visited one of the educational institutions in Vladivostok and saw a different picture with their own eyes.

The secondary school № 83 (Anna Shchetinina, 34) is especially crowded today: the hall, as well as one of the classrooms and the corridor next to it are filled with the parents of the children who will go to the first grade next year. By nine o’clock in the morning, according to a list drawn up by someone in the crowd, 51 people were already standing in line. Many of the parents arrived at the school early, at night, so now they are among the first to apply. This greatly infuriates those who came to the previously announced time – that is, closer to nine in the morning.

“It was said at the meeting that there would be no lists, that we would come in a live queue. How did I know that other parents would be here by midnight? ” – One of the mothers in the crowd is indignant.

In response, she is told no less emotionally that without the list there would be chaos, because there are too many people willing to enroll in school on the first day of receiving documents. The parents argue their fear of not getting into the school by the fact that, according to the local polyclinic, 400 children should go to the first grade next year, while there are only 150 places.

“We will try to admit to the school all children who belong to it upon registration,” Maxim Kilchevsky commented on the situation.

At the same time, according to parents, it is impossible to stand in line and submit documents online. Probably, they tried to enroll the child in the first grade on the big portal “Gosuslugi” (where such a function really does not exist), and not regional. You can apply here.

Parents of first-graders arrange night shifts in Snow Pad every year. There are only two schools in the whole area under construction, and the locals were afraid that they would not have time to enroll their children in the right place. Only last year, according to eyewitnesses, such queues were avoided. There was also a list, but the school administration first of all received those who came on time. Now the director of the school Marina Vazhova is on vacation, instead of her applications are accepted by head teachers. They just use the lists made by parents.

However, the school administration reassures: there is no point in sowing panic, there will be enough space for everyone. From April 1 to June 30, the school accepts applications from the first priority – that is, those who have the preemptive right to enroll a child in this institution – it has police officers and servicemen. Also the first on the list are children attached to the school at the place of registration, and those whose siblings study here.

The second stage of applications will begin on July 6. From now on, schools will accept all children, regardless of their registration – but only if there are vacancies.


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