In the scenery of the new show Malakhov looks unusual and strange

Light formats, for the most part, are still “under sanctions”, and the timing of the return of talk shows and other entertainment projects has not yet been commented on. Only Malakhov’s deficit is partially filled. His program “Songs from the Heart” is clearly aimed at folk music shows, no matter how suspicious it may sound.

We can assume that “Songs from the Heart” was released solely because of the non-star nature of the project. Famous people sometimes flash in the studio, but the program is clearly not about celebrities. Now everyone is not up to them – the public they are unreliable, prone to dissent, so they try to change the stars for people easier.

And amateurism turned out to be very useful. Here they are – real heroes, with accordions, guitars and hits for different tastes. More precisely, not quite different – rather, still one, namely the table songs of different times and peoples. The program itself also resembles a feast. Of course, it is impossible to pour guests on the air according to the rules of television (although some songs without a glass are money for the wind), but napkins are clearly appropriate to cope with tears.

The creators of the show cut a kind of window, not only in Russia but also in the former Soviet Union. The view from this window is not always carefree, but people, despite and even to the detriment of all their life circumstances, found solace in music. It would be an exaggeration to call the heroes of the show an audience of disarming talent, but they sing loudly and from the heart, sweeping away all barriers and, perhaps, the rules of decency.

Swampy and muddy songs have long been on the federal air (thanks in large part to “Three Chords”, but doubts about whether to drag the whole country. With overflows and chimes “still remain.” Well, that’s the kind of people we are! “- is usually given in response to these doubts. in its current sense, for some reason, it is always flavored with chanson and zucchini, and it is presented as if it were a musical gem.

However, the ability of TV producers to embrace the vast is sometimes very useful. Where else can “Kolshchik” mix with the hit “Gaza Strip”? Probably only in the program about music for the soul.

In such scenery, Malakhov himself looks a little strange. After all, he is still too young and fashionable for such a rampage of passions, although he can start dancing without being embarrassed by the way it looks from the outside, which betrays a real TV presenter in him.


Morning shows have recently become something of a prelude to political information, so it is not very right to demand peaceful carefreeness from them. However, the hosts of these programs try to smile just like before.

Many people perceive morning shows more as radio. There’s something going on about the weather, traffic jams and proper breakfast, but when you’re going to work, you listen to it more often than you watch. In any case, the morning TV remained an island of tranquility. In the evening, you will definitely get on your nerves with all sorts of far-reaching conclusions and morals, but during breakfast on TV, everything seems to be more fun.

And the stars of the morning air are trying hard to keep the functions of those who will charge you with a tolerable mood for the working day. Meteorologists say that the weather, although worse, but not for long. Various experts with a promising appearance promise a quick solution to the problem of unexpected drug shortages. And new solutions will be completed, and hotels for the holiday season will most likely be enough for everyone.

But then there is the news release, and the efforts of the smiling presenters collapse in a matter of minutes. It is noteworthy that they do not despair and after the news again take up their work. They try to make people as carefree as possible and tell with a smile, for example, that they made a small James Bond memorial in Denmark (he died in the finale of the last film) and hope for tourist interest in the new attraction.

It is said that you can quickly get used to a contrasting shower. Are we also adapting to such contrasting news from the early morning? There are few alternatives yet. Unless you’re watching TV for breakfast.

Published in the newspaper “Moscow Komsomolets” №28753 dated March 30, 2022

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Malakhov’s deficit


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