In two days, Sberbank canceled all approved mortgages, even with scheduled transaction dates

On March 29, Sberbank began canceling all previously approved mortgage applications without warning, including those with transaction dates set by the bank itself. Customers are invited to submit new bids, where the percentage corresponds to the current key rate.

The Central Bank set the key rate of 20% on February 28. Prior to that, banks issued mortgage loans at an average of 9-10% per annum. After a short-term market turmoil, when some banks temporarily suspended mortgages and developers froze sales, demand for real estate and loans began to grow.

Already approved mortgage applications in the “Collection” were recorded mainly at 9.8% per annum and the bank’s customer managers assured borrowers that this rate will remain. However, on March 29, Sber unilaterally began to revoke approvals. And in the mortgage service “DomKlik” it looks as if the client has decided to refuse the loan.

“Today, Sberbank canceled thousands of approved mortgages, including mortgages with already set dates for the transaction. Accordingly, people who paid collateral, paid insurance, someone even sold one apartment to buy another, and many, many others, were out of business. Our family is one of thousands who also paid the deposit, agency services, insurance, legal inspection, drawing up a contract of sale. And the deal was scheduled for April 1, 2022 (previously there was no window at Sberbank). But it was canceled. A specific property has been approved, a huge list of documents has been uploaded, there is a loan agreement and it is time to sign it. And before signing, insurance, down payment to sellers and so on are mandatory, ” reader Alexei said.

On the site for entrepreneurs and businesses, the message about such a cancellation was one of the first. The failed borrower wrote that he received approval in mid-January, but it was necessary to collect a package of documents, which took quite some time. The bank warned him that the documents must be submitted to the service before March 27, and after this period the mortgage will rise to 19% per annum. The deal was scheduled for April 1, 2022. However, two days before it, the client’s manager called and said that the bank had decided to reject the deal.

Beneath this message are dozens of uninvented stories. These are ordinary mortgages and so-called complex ones: when real estate is sold with the simultaneous purchase of another. There are also failed relocations when the apartment was sold in one region and bought in another. Someone called the bank a day, someone – an hour before the appointed time. Some received a message on the phone from the robot that the approval period had expired, although there was still a long way to go. Chats with personal managers have been disabled, correspondence history has been deleted. Under the publication, a bank employee suggested that all victims call the hotline. People did not receive any official notifications, letters or explanations from the bank, even in the branch.

Currently, the current situation is being discussed in specially created groups and profile forums of the financial sector. The main difficulty is that before the signing of the loan agreement is not valid, and the approval of the mortgage – is actually a confirmation of the bank’s desire and ability to work with a particular client and a particular property. Legally, the approval process is not fixed. At the same time, the sums spent by all clients that accompany the mortgage (realtors, insurance, real estate appraisal) cost millions of rubles.

On the morning of March 30, it became clear that the deals would be made only to those who had to take place on the 29th and 30th, the rest had to submit new applications and pass the approval procedure based on the new high rates – an average of 19%.

From March 1, the bank changed the rates on mortgage loans, sharply raising them to a minimum of 18.3%. According to Kommersant, citing information from Sbera, until March 30 inclusive, the bank “continued to issue loans on previously approved terms, helping customers to complete the process of buying and selling real estate.” At the same time, the bank stressed that even if the application is approved before March 1, and the deal could not be reached by March 30, it will be necessary to “submit a new mortgage application and get a positive decision.”

Clients claim that many people who failed to get an already approved mortgage had their deals ready by March 29, but were postponed to March 31, April 1 and later by the bank itself. As one of Sberbank’s managers explained in a conversation with a client, a mortgage on new buildings was scheduled for March 29-30 as part of preferential government programs to “reduce public response.”

According to members of the group in Telegram, the deals scheduled for today are underway. Those who did not have time, have already contacted the hotline of the Central Bank, but received a disappointing response – if the loan agreement was not signed, the bank has the right to cancel the transaction. After raising the Central Bank’s key rate to 20% at the end of February, the Russian president instructed to ensure that credit rates in the agreements were maintained at the level they were at before the regulator’s decision. However, this was already prescribed in the legislation. The issue of approved but not issued loans was not specified. Customers who have considered themselves deceived plan to sue the bank.


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