Ingeborg Dapkunaite left for Brussels due to a special operation and regrets that she did not leave Russia earlier

Ingeborg Dapkunayte

Russian and Lithuanian actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite, unlike many of her colleagues, did not personally comment on Russia’s special operation in Ukraine for a long time and did not talk about her whereabouts. But today it turned out that the actress left Russia in the first days of the special operation and now lives in Brussels with her five-year-old son Alex, mother and sister. Dapkunaite told about this in an interview with the Lithuanian newspaper LRT.

The actress said that the special operation was the main reason for her departure and she condemned Russia’s actions. Dapkunaite also admitted that she now considers it a mistake that she did not leave Russia before – after the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

If you could predict the future and change the past … But yes, it was a mistake. I made a mistake and I have no excuses for myself,

She said.

Asked why she had not spoken on the subject for so long, Ingeborga said that at the very beginning of the event she had signed a collective letter from the Vera Hospice Foundation.

My signature is there, so it seemed to me that my position was very clear,

Said the actress.

Ingeborg DapkunayteIngeborg Dapkunayte

The actress noted that she is ambivalent about the boycott of Russian artists in the West and the so-called “culture of abolition”, but she understands the reluctance of Ukrainians to work with Russians.

If we talk about Russians who do not support the war and who, say, leave, but do not want to accept them because they are Russian, then, of course, we can say that this is wrong, because they do not support what is happening in Russia .

The audience has to decide for themselves, we can’t behave as if we are a nanny for the public, they are not five years old. Viewers decide for themselves what they want to watch and what they don’t. But the ban is censorship, and then the question is where we will stop. Now we live in a world where everything is only white or black, it is very difficult to find gray. I was once told that it’s like standing on two ice floes: if you’re on both sides at once, you won’t succeed – you’ll fall into the water,

Said the actress.

Dapkunaite noted that “everyone has the right to their own opinion”, and she “should respect him”.

The actress was born in Vilnius, but became famous in Soviet and Russian cinema. Starring in the films “Intergirl” and “Tired of the Sun”. Since the 1990s, Dapkunaite has also worked abroad, playing in London’s theater and starring in small roles in Hollywood films, including “Mission: Impossible” and “Seven Years in Tibet.” In recent years, Ingeborga has performed at the Moscow Theater of Nations. Earlier, due to a special operation, Dapkunaite’s colleague from the capital’s theater Chulpan Khamatova left Russia.

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