Intel unveils its Arc Alchemist desktop graphics card for the first time and launches mobile graphics accelerators

Basic chip models for laptops will provide 60 fps in games at 1080p at “medium” settings.

On March 30, Intel introduced its discrete Arc Alchemist mobile graphics cards, sharing detailed specifications of the adapters. The company also demonstrated for the first time the design of one of the desktop graphics accelerators, which are scheduled for sale in early summer 2022.

Intel Arc 3

There will be two models in the base line of mobile discrete graphics cards: Arc A350M and Arc A370M, designed for compact laptops. The first portable devices with entry-level video cards will be released on March 30, while with more productive models in early summer 2022.

Compared to the more powerful 5th and 7th series graphics cards, the Arc A350M and Arc A370M have relatively few cores to handle FP32 operations – 768 and 1024, respectively. However, Intel has announced that graphics accelerators will provide 60 frames per second in games with 1080p resolution at “medium” graphics settings.

  • Kernel Xe: 6
  • Base frequency: 1150 MHz
  • Ray tracing blocks: 6
  • The amount of memory: 4 GB GDDR6
  • Memory interface: 64-bit
  • Energy consumption: 23-35 W.
  • Kernel Xe: 8
  • Base frequency: 1550 MHz
  • Ray tracing blocks: 8
  • The amount of memory: 4 GB GDDR6
  • Memory interface: 64-bit
  • Energy consumption: 35-50 W.

Intel Arc 5

In the 5th series of mobile discrete graphics cards Arc so far only one model – A550M. The graphics accelerator, like the flagship versions, is based on the ACM-G10 video chip with 2,048 streaming processors to perform operations.

  • Kernel Xe: 16
  • Base frequency: 900 MHz
  • Ray tracing blocks: 16
  • The amount of memory: 8 GB GDDR6
  • Memory interface: 128-bit
  • Energy consumption: 60-80 W.

Intel Arc 7

The flagship graphics accelerators of the 7th series Arc A730M and A770M have 3072 and 4096 stream processors, respectively. These video cards are designed for powerful gaming laptops, but there is no information about specific models yet.

  • Kernel Xe: 24
  • Base frequency: 1100 MHz
  • Ray tracing blocks: 24
  • The amount of memory: 12 GB GDDR6
  • Memory interface: 192-bit
  • Energy consumption: 80-120 W.
  • Kernel Xe: 32
  • Base frequency: 1650 MHz
  • Ray tracing blocks: 32
  • The amount of memory: 16 GB GDDR6
  • Memory interface: 256-bit
  • Energy consumption: 120-150 W.

Video cards for PC

Intel will introduce Arc Alchemist desktop graphics accelerators in the second quarter of 2022. On March 30, the company showed for the first time what a benchmark A-series desktop video card looks like.

Intel has announced that XeSS supersampling technology based on artificial intelligence algorithms will also be available to players in early summer 2022. The director’s version of Death Stranding, released on March 30, did not support the feature.


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