Interview with Sir Alex, Shaw scored for the national team – news digest for March 27

An overview of the Reds’ performances in the international arena

England – Switzerland 2: 1

Luke Shaw played half an hour on duty and reminded himself of the Euro 2020 model, scoring a chic goal that equalized the score in the match. Kane’s penalty in the second half was a difficult victory for the hosts. Harry Maguire sat on the bench for the entire match, but it is claimed that the United captain will be on the field in the next friendly against Côte d’Ivoire on Tuesday.

With all the positives from the goal scored, the post-match interview from Luke quite clearly outlined the main problem of “United”. The player indirectly criticized the atmosphere inside the club, striking, according to the author, the image of the club: “The atmosphere here, created by Gareth Southgate, you always enjoy it – it’s all about fun and performances with a smile on his face,” he said. After changing his mind, Luke told the reporter, “It’s always important to feel needed. Playing here, I always feel it. I’m not saying that I feel unnecessary at United, but here I feel “especially” needed and enjoy football. After all, most of football is fun.

Obviously, it’s hard to enjoy playing at the club level if you don’t win and play badly. We need to accept that this season was not good enough for the club. We have a place to grow in the club, but now all my attention is on the performances for the national team. ”

Spoons were found, and the sediment remained.

France 2: 1 Côte d’Ivoire

Paul Pogba, Rafael Varane and Eric Bayi all came out of their national teams and were all replaced in the second half. Varan left the field first, and Desham called the replacement forced after the game – the defender has a “small problem with the foot.” But Tchuameni, who is being courted at Manchester United, snatched victory at the very end of the match.

Interview with Sir Alex

Sir Alex Ferguson gave a very interesting interview to BBC Radio 4, recommended for listening.

Some of the highlights from BBC Radio 4:

Sir Alex never considered his family in Havana poor.

Life was difficult for Sir Alex. “I always remember finding my father’s pay slip when I was 15,” said Sir Alex. “He earned seven and a half pounds, working seventy hours a week.” According to him, his family was lucky to have their own toilet inside the rented house. Despite this, the great Scotsman never considered his family poor.

He had to stand in line to play football

The courtyard of the rented block where Sir Alex lived was fitted with wooden gates, so it was a great place for football. “In the summer there were tournaments where we had to play one on one. Everyone came to this place to see. For all my stay there, I managed to make it to the finals once and I lost it! ” Another great place was called the “workplace”, where a former building was destroyed by bombing during the war. “We had to stand in line to play there,” recalls Sir Alex.

Sir Alex gained life experience playing English lap with Miss Thompson

He worked as an instrumentalist and was a union representative

Playing for several amateur teams at the age of fourteen in boots taken from his cousin, Sir Alex soon began to combine his goal-scoring work. After dropping out of school, he took a job as an apprentice at the typewriter manufacturer Remington Rand. When he was 18, he became a union representative and led ten of his young colleagues to strike over unsatisfactory wages. His activist activities are not accidental – his parents are steadfast socialists. Sir Alex remarked, “That environment instills the same convictions in you.”

Sir Alex almost left to live in Canada

Soon there was an inevitable conflict in time between his work and his football career. By the time he joined the union, Sir Alex had signed a professional contract with the St. Johnstone Club in Perth. “It was a big mistake,” he recalls. Training with the team forced constant nightmares to and fro, which forced the union to ban training for the great Scotsman through the football authorities. After that, Sir Alex had to train where necessary and he felt out of line. “I started walking around the pubs and really lost my desire [играть]».

Then a quarrel with his father worsened the situation and Sir Alex decided to do the same as many Britons at the time – to go to Canada.

He was the first player to score a hat-trick for the Rangers at Ibrox.

SAF’s challenge to St. Johnstone’s match against Rangers, the team he supported as a child, completely turned his plans upside down.

“After the match, I took a shower,” recalls Sir Alex, “and I didn’t bother about it, to be honest. But later Jim Little, the central defender, told me that I made the story by scoring three goals against the Rangers at Ibrox.

Sir Alex considers this match to be “the most important game of my life”. In addition, this speech reconciled him with his father. Four years later, Ferguson was already playing hard for the Rangers.

He was one of the first coaches to receive football management training

Despite the fact that things did not work out in the “Rangers”, Sir Alex says: “What I learned from there is the idea of ​​how a great club should work. So I decided for sure what to do if I became a manager. “

Finally deciding not to return to engineering, Ferguson began preparing to take various coaching badges and badges. This was a very unusual practice for the player at the time, especially for those who had only recently exchanged their second decade.

He owns a network of pubs

He received invaluable advice from Jock Stein

When Sir Alex was asked to lead St Mirren, he sought the advice of legendary Celtic and Scotland coach Jock Stein, as he felt his departure would let down his then-East Stirlingshire club. “To which he replied, ‘Seriously? The only thing I can advise you, son, is to go to the St. Mirren podium and compare it to where you are right now – that’s where you’ll find your answer,’ and hung up.”

“Progress is scaling up,” said Sir Alex. When I came to St. Mirren, I knew it was just the beginning. Then, when I was at Aberdeen, I knew there would be a time when I needed a new challenge. When Manchester United offered me a job, I turned down the Wolves, Arsenal and Tottenham. I couldn’t refuse Manchester United – you never refuse Manchester United.

He believes in the ethics of the working class

Sir Alex is known for asking his players about their parents and grandparents in order to awaken in them the ethics of the working class. “I think it is very important to develop the right attitude to work. My mother kept saying, “Don’t steal”; my father always said, “Don’t be late, always come early.” Realizing that values ​​have changed over time, Sir Alex advises all working class children: “When you get a chance, don’t be afraid of it. Do it. “

News digest

Meanwhile, Christian Eriksen scored less than two minutes in the first match for the national team after a long absence. A real champion.

But Alejandro Garnacho shone in the match for the U-20 national team of Argentina against peers from the United States.

How do you like the Albiceleste T-shirt?

Anthony and Seville are sad. Romano expects the Frenchman to return to Manchester, as no talks have been held about extending the Andalusian lease.

One of the most important figures in the Premier League, Jermaine Defoe, ended his career as a 39-year-old footballer. The Englishman scored 305 goals in 764 meetings.

It’s the same with Ten Hag – although in the opinion of the club it is too early to single out the favorites for the leadership presses looming competition on the horizon in the form of an unnamed German club, where the Dutchman is not averse to work. What Man Utd likes in Ten Hague is that they are a specialist in the first place wants to establish a clear understanding of the team’s game philosophy, while its competitors want to deliver the game at the expense of expensive transfers.

All the world.

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