“Is she going to the deputies?”: The coach criticized the champion from Kamchatka: IA “Kam 24”

The head coach of the Russian cross-country skiing team Elena Vyalbe criticized Kamchatka athlete Veronika Stepanova for excessive activity on social networks, Kam 24 news agency reports.

President of the Russian Ski Racing Federation and head coach of the national team Elena Vyalbe gave a great interview to RIA Novosti. In it, the coach spoke about the successes and problems of Russian athletes, as well as about his work. The journalist asked whether Wielbe’s wards had changed after winning gold at the Beijing Olympics. The coach replied that she did not see any changes in the athletes, but she singled them out Veronica Stepanova.

“Probably only Veronika Stepanova has some kind of stellar disease,” said Vyalbe.

Probably, the coach had in mind the high activity of the athlete in the information field. Sports fans remembered Stepanova not only because of her outstanding results on the track, but also because of the skier’s vivid statements in the media and Instagram.

After the Olympics in Beijing, the athlete began to appear frequently on television. Veronica, in particular, starred in the show “Evening Urgant”. According to, on March 30, in the midst of the Russian championship in Syktyvkar, Veronica appeared in the studio of the program “There is a topic!” on Match TV. At the same time, Stepanova did not participate in the championship on the recommendation of doctors.

Elena Vyalbe also commented on Veronica’s participation in the TV show in an interview.

“I do not even see her. I periodically want to call her, to say that instead of trading on my face, so to speak, maybe it’s better to start training? Everyone at the Russian championship is running, what are you doing there, in Moscow? I can’t tell if you’re sick or not? If she is ill, then be treated, are you there… And then somehow I will not dial at once, or I will start yelling at her. And then I think – why? She chose it. People just ask me, is she going to the deputies? I don’t know what I can answer. Yes, she is a capable girl, but she is not Natasha Nepryaeva, it is one hundred percent. She will not get out of the skin to plow and train. So far, everything has been easy for her. Let’s see, I will not forcibly drag anyone. Of course, I understand where my legs grow from. If they decided to gain fame in this way, well, let it be, ”the coach believes.

Stepanova responded to the criticism in her telegram channel.

“Of course, I will not engage in public controversy with the leadership. I do not feel guilty, but I will analyze and take into account the criticism. In general, this is a great incentive to prove the right choice on skis, “she wrote.

As reported by IA “Kam 24”, Veronika Stepanova is a native of the Kamchatka city of Elizovo. At the Olympics in Beijing, the athlete took part in two races: the sprint and the 4×5-kilometer relay. In the relay, she won a gold medal as part of the Russian team and became the youngest Olympic champion in cross-country skiing in history.

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