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An official close to US President Joe Biden – White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki is about to leave the administration and is preparing to leave – is negotiating to work for MSNBC, according to US media. Although this information is not officially confirmed by the US administration, sources of American journalists assure that the issue has already been resolved. It is possible that such a step by Ms. Psaki, who held office for just over a year, is due to the continuing record decline in Joe Biden’s rating and, consequently, to unclear career prospects for people in his administration.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki is in talks to join the MSNBC team, the centrist US newspaper Axios was the first to say, citing a source close to the talks.

Jen Psaki will leave her current position around May, the publication clarifies. According to Axios interlocutors, Ms. Psaki is preparing to move to the MSNBC streaming service – NBCUniversal Peacock. In addition, she will participate in live broadcasts of the cable network and in various shows.

The publication notes the similarity of Jen Psaki’s upcoming contract with the one signed with the TV network by former adviser to Kamala Vice President Harris Simona Sanders. In January, Ms. Sanders received an exclusive contract to work on the Peacock show and to appear on MSNBC.

According to the publication, the White House spokeswoman is now in contact with representatives of the administration to ensure that her future dismissal is in line with all necessary procedures, including ethical issues, in violation of which she has been hastened to accuse opponents. In particular, former White House spokesman for Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, recently criticized NBC News (part of MSNBC) for asking their staff at Ms. Psaki’s briefing too friendly questions and not addressing the scandal involving compromising material on his son’s laptop US President Hunter Biden.

“Are you interested in the cause of toothless questions from NBC News… or why they are not asking about Hunter Biden? Here’s the answer: Jen Psaki plans to leave the White House this spring to work for MSNBC, “Newsweek quoted Spicer as saying.

The magazine also quotes a White House official who refused to officially confirm Ms. Psaki’s departure. “We have nothing about the duration of Jen’s planned work or any thoughts on her plans for the future… Jen is here and every day working hard on behalf of the President to give you answers to your questions, and that’s what she’s focused on.” He said in response to a request for comment on Ms. Psaki’s possible resignation. However, anonymously, many leading American media in the administration confirmed the information about the departure of the White House spokesman. In particular, the same data was reported by The Hill.

It should be noted that media reports about Jen Psaki’s decision to leave followed immediately after it was announced that Ms. Psaki and her first deputy received a positive test for kovid. Because of this, Psaki did not fly with Joe Biden on his European tour. It was during this trip that the president uttered a scandalous phrase in Poland that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.” This phrase, according to Joe Biden himself, was uttered in a passionate manner, and it did not appear to be part of the prepared speech. As a result, the American leader was criticized for threatening the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine with his statements.

The scandal surrounding the president’s son Hunter Biden continues to gain momentum. According to many experts, it is reaching a new level and could create serious problems for the Biden family in the future.

According to FoxNews, Ms. Psaki dislikes the issue and either prefers to ignore it, especially when she is reminded of her comments that the compromising on Hunter Biden is “Russian disinformation” or suggests contacting the US Department of Justice, which is investigating the president’s son. .

All this is happening against the background of major problems in the US economy, which is facing the highest inflation in decades and record growth in energy costs. It also annoys Americans, who are increasingly frustrated with their president.

According to the latest ratings, the popularity of the American leader, for whose mistakes Ms. Psaki has to be blown away, is rapidly declining.

According to a recent poll commissioned by The Hill by Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, Mr. Biden is second only to Donald Trump in popularity. He is six percentage points ahead of the current president. 47% of voters are ready to vote for the ex-president, despite all the problems associated with him. But in the past, Donald Trump was considered the most unloved American leader, who for the first time in history was awarded two impeachment proceedings.

Of course, Ms. Psaki, whose career could have been envied by any PR worker, would not want to go down in history as the spokeswoman for one of America’s most unpopular leaders.

In an interview with Kommersant, American PR specialist and political scientist John Varoli admitted that the information about the imminent resignation of Jen Psaki, who had worked in the Biden administration for a little over a year, came as a surprise to him.

“I see her departure as a clear sign that faith in Joe Biden, even among his inner circle, is crumbling,” said John Varoli. for the whole world. “

Among the administration’s biggest failures in domestic policy is Varoli’s highest inflation in decades, acute energy shortages, rising poverty and destitution. And on the outside – “defeat in Afghanistan” and the inability to prevent “war in Ukraine.”

According to the expert, the White House spokesman is “the first major figure to leave Biden’s sinking ship.” And this is just the beginning, he is sure, because “people’s dissatisfaction is very great.” All this will lead to the defeat of the Democrats in the by-elections in November, predicts Varoli.

As for who will replace Jen Psaki, The Hill reports that her first deputy, Carin Jean-Pierre, is likely to take her place. She may go down in history as the first African-American woman in this position.

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