Joseph Prigogine commented on the cancellation of Valeria’s concert in Dubai

The producer shared his opinion on the attitude to domestic artists in the world.

Joseph Prigogine. Photo: Boris Kudryavov / “Express newspaper”

Our artists continue to resist pressure from the world community. Yes, singer Valeria announced the cancellation of a concert in Dubai as part of the Dresden Opera Ball.

“The musicians of the Dresden Orchestra did not want to go on the same stage with Russian artists. They also had to perform there Svetlana Zakharova and Vadim Repin. But it’s okay, let’s survive this, too, ”Valeria said.

According to the singer, it is gratifying that she was recently received very warmly at the closing of the Paralympic Winter Games in Khanty-Mansiysk. And now Valeria is preparing for a solo concert in Moscow. So she directed her energy in another direction. asked to comment on the situation of producer and husband of Valeria Iosif Prigogine. And he gave his clear assessment of everything that was happening.

Joseph Prigogine and Valeria.  Photo:
Joseph Prigogine and Valeria. Photo: Larisa Kudryavtseva / “Express newspaper”

“The concert was not held for political reasons. But we did not lose anything, but met with our own spectators, only in St. Petersburg. On the same day, we performed at the Jubilee Palace, – said Joseph Prigogine. – We hope that by about November the situation will settle down. The only question is that what is happening now, except as madness, cannot be called.

Russian artists are devalued and discredited. It is clear that everyone is afraid to comment on something, but the fact remains. Many artists have become hostages of the existing political struggle in full force. Meanwhile, this situation is not ripe today.

Back in 2014, in the UK, in front of the Royal Albert Hall, there were pickets against Russia. Then Valeria was banned from performing in Jurmala, and entry to Latvia was closed. These were the first signals. And in the past eight years, it has been possible to draw conclusions, but, unfortunately, no one is doing that.

Of course, everything that happens is unpleasant. And, of course, we are sad about it. The notorious democracy and all the foundations of the legal right to private property of any citizen are simply destroyed today. And, in fact, our artists are deprived of their profession. “

– Did the musicians of the Dresden Orchestra make such a decision themselves or did they put pressure on them?

“We don’t know all the details.” First we saw the interview Hans-Joachim Fry (Initiator of the Dresden Opera Ball – approx. ed.), where he talked about the pressure on him. As a German citizen, he was advised to refrain from collaborating with Russian artists.

But I believe that now we must not be silent, but give people the opportunity to draw their own conclusions, but not to impose their point of view, and offer to analyze everything that is happening.

  Joseph Prigogine.  Photo:
Joseph Prigogine. Photo: Boris Kudryavov / “Express newspaper”

“What would you like to say?”

– Personally, I want to say that neither I, Joseph Prigogine, nor many other artists have ever made Ukrainophobic statements, we did not allow ourselves to pass on the person. Now they are saying that the Russians are zombies. But how can you be zombied when there are so many sources of information?

It is worth concluding that we did not ban Ukrainian artists. It is not we who have banned Paralympians from performing in China. But we see how Russian artists are treated…

And where is humanism? Why are you substituting concepts? Why should we say in white that it is red and in red it is blue. We are simply left with no choice, and such an ultimatum does not suit me.

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