Joseph Prigogine told why Valeria planned to leave the stage in April

Valeria’s fans are not jokingly alarmed by the news that has appeared on the Internet: Valeria is allegedly leaving the stage. The information spread after the singer said that the concert in the UAE with the participation of her personally and some Russian colleagues was canceled. Interest in the star couple was also fueled by news concerning Prigogine himself. It has become known that Dana’s daughter, who has just gotten married, is expecting a child. “MK” turned to the producer to find out what is really happening in the star family.

– Joseph, there is information on the Internet that Valeria has decided to leave the stage. Where do this news come from?

– There was a time when Valeria wanted to refuse to go on stage last year because competing with non-professional people who have nothing to do with art, who have no idea about music, is just ridiculous! In addition, given the information field occupied by bloggers and the huge number of paid pseudo-musicians, it became impossible to break through to something real. This is a kind of mathematical scheme, a constructor of songs, and there is no music as such. They made a song and the grandmothers went to cut it. Valeria didn’t want to exist in all this. But thanks to the repertoire written by Maxim Fadeev, this desire to leave the profession was postponed indefinitely. The new songs that have just appeared are worthy of her vocal data and ideas about music.

– So Valeria didn’t officially announce that she was leaving the stage?

“She didn’t say that anywhere!” It was just a rumor among friends that she was going to end her career in April. But this did not happen. Fans would be upset: people like Valeria are diamonds on our Russian stage. It is a symbol of female beauty, politeness, a symbol of culture, sophistication.

– But some fans really believed, because as if to confirm this information there was news that a concert with Valeria was canceled in the UAE …

– The Dresden Ball was to take place at the Dubai Opera with the participation of our Russian stars. But due to the political situation, it was decided to postpone the concert because Hans-Joachim Fry, who is the founder and organizer, was advised not to hold the event. The Dresden orchestra was forced to give up the stage. But we did not even come to the UAE, so no one expelled us from there. A few days after the special operation began, we were told to postpone the concert to the fall.

– Did the cancellation of the concert hit you in rubles?

– We are not talking about rubles now, we are not talking about dollars and euros, we are talking about the principles of the existence of the entire industrial system. Musicians have always been people who became a bridge between society. Music is without borders, it must do everything to make people of different nationalities and religions comfortable in this world. We are saying that Valeria was not allowed to perform, but what can we talk about here if Tchaikovsky is banned, even though this music has been around for more than a hundred years? They ban Russian music, Russian literature, the Russian language.

– Music is wonderful, and an artist needs to live on something! ..

– Well, did musicians live many years ago? They taught, for example. Valeria has a pedagogical diploma. After all, life does not end. And how did the great singer Zykina, Magomayev and other artists live? You just didn’t live at the time, it’s hard for you to understand. Do you think everyone toured then? No, of course!

– If Valeria is not going to leave the stage, then what are your next creative plans?

– We record songs, shoot music videos, continue to live. And what other options are there? Just imagine how much technology has changed now, if Valeria’s son shot her a video while in Switzerland, directed from there, and we were here. Thus, we shot the video online for the first time. He also did all the graphics himself. And we had no problems, we are waiting for them when the installation begins. In general, we do not plan for the future, we live here and now. Now we went to Khanty-Mansiysk, supported our Paralympians. You have no idea what a fantastic reception it was!

– Joseph, talking about your future with Valeria, I can not help but ask about the present. Congratulations: will you be a grandfather soon?

– I hope I will. But I do not want to talk about it in advance. When Dana gives birth, then congratulate. It’s like life: just started sewing clothes. That’s when we sew – then we will rejoice. I am happy to have a grandson.

– And what kind of grandfather do you think you will be?

“Same as my father.” Not bad. I don’t think parents of children will complain about grandpa. Granddaughter, daughter of Arseny, for example, is spending the night with us today. She came in the morning and kissed her grandfather. Clever child.

– In addition to the topic of Valeria’s departure from the stage, fans are also discussing your alleged move to Israel, but you have already returned?

– I went to Israel for two days for the birthdays of my mother and aunt, who have lived there for 32 years. But now every departure from Moscow is perceived as a betrayal, which is categorically unacceptable. I have a feeling that everyone thinks we have left the country. Walk on Red Square now, so that everyone can see us?

– Are you talking to Valeria about political issues or is she a completely apolitical person?

– Valeria is generally out of politics, but she understands what is happening. She is aware, and she certainly has an opinion on this. But we have no conflicts at home for political reasons. We may even differ in our views, but that doesn’t stop us from remaining normal people. Truth is born in controversy. We can talk, prove something to each other, but everything has to happen in a comfort zone. Why have we been married for 19 years? Because they have learned to give in to each other.


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