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The intermediate leader of the Channel One Figure Skating Cup after a short program was the team “Time of the First” Olympic champion Mark Kondratyuk. She is ahead of the team of rivals – “Red Car” Anna Shcherbakova – in insignificant bits: the score is now 72 points against 71. She led the team “Time of the First”, which was a little behind, to the first line of Kamil Valiyev. The Russian woman, who a month ago in Beijing turned out to be the main heroine of the Olympic drama with a doping tinge, again beat all her compatriots in Saransk, including Shcherbakov, and won women’s competitions.

The women’s tournament was the culmination of the second competitive day of the Channel One Figure Skating Cup – the one that was set aside for short programs. The culmination was preceded by a very fascinating overture, accompanied by applause for two single men and one sports couple.

One of these singles was, of course, Mikhail Kolyada, who played for the Red Car team. His hire at the Channel One Cup once again made viewers regret that there was no such musical, plastic athlete because of the coronavirus at the Olympics. A short program of carols to the music of the ballet “The Nutcracker” is what, in principle, can be described as a work of art. The audience watched Mikhail, as well as the ballet dancers during the real performances, holding their breath, trying not to move once again.

Kolyada himself, always silent and restrained, after the performance threw a short: “Satisfied with the rental.” The Russian, who made all the jumps, including the quadruple toulup with a triple toulup, won the men’s short program with crazy points – 106.41. At the World Cup, which takes place in Montpellier, France, after a short program with such an assessment, he would be in the top three.

Another loner, whom the hall redeemed in its applause, was Mark Kondratyuk (97.89), captain of the team “Time of the First”. The hero of the Beijing Olympics (he helped the Russian team take the team gold) won the individual jumping tournament the day before, making a unique cascade of two quadruple Salkhovs, and today he excelled again. He performed the quatrain for the first time in a short program, and made it, although for the first time in his career, a big plus. And then hit a triple axel and a cascade with a quadruple salkhov, this is the most difficult jumping set among the participants of the tournament.

The duo of Evgeny Tarasov – Vladimir Morozov – turned out to be the sports couple that caused the greatest delight both the judges and the audience. The silver medalists of the Beijing Games, representing the Red Car team, seem to have tasted at the end of their careers and have now begun to stamp clean, free of any inaccuracies. Their Galatea and Pygmalion received points above the world record – 86.36. However, this result will not be counted by the International Skaters Union (ISU). The structure fixes the points earned by athletes exclusively at international starts.

But all these performances, although amazing, preceded the women’s showdown – the highlight of the competition program, what the audience was waiting for, obviously, the most. Even during the warm-up, the hall, which was divided into two camps – those who supported Anna Shcherbakova (“Red Car”) and those who supported Kamil Valiyev (“Time of the First”), competed in chanting slogans. The shouts “Kamila Valieva is the best” and “Anna Shcherbakova is the best”, which followed each other, seem to have started to embarrass even the athletes themselves.

15-year-old Valieva (83.63) proved to be the strongest in the fight of Olympic champions. She looked as if she didn’t have the grueling Olympic drama that had broken her out of her positive doping test, a drama that hadn’t ended yet. The athlete rode easily, effortlessly, gently, very wide. She was ahead of Shcherbakov (82.90) even without a triple axel. It was the victory of Kamila Valieva, which after the performance was almost filled with hail of toys, that led Mark Kondratyuk’s team “Time of the First” to the current leaders.

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