Khamatova saved the performance of Serebrennikov, who left Russia urgently

The Cannes intrigue was found in the director’s departure

Kirill Serebrennikov left Moscow in a flash. You could say, like in the movies. As soon as March 28, the decision of the Khamovniki Court of Moscow to overturn the suspended sentence and lift the conviction related to the case of the “Seventh Studio”, which involved Serebrennikov, was announced. And the next day a photo of him taken in the center of Paris appeared on social networks.

All this has led to different assumptions, because in our time, when all borders are closed, air traffic is not regular, and epidemiological requirements, too, no one has canceled, so it is difficult to organize departure quickly.

It is possible that the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival contributed to Kirill’s imminent departure. In 2015, Serebrennikov’s “Student” was shown in the second most important Cannes competition “Special View” and was awarded the prize of the late French journalist Francois Chalet, presented by his widow. Then there was “Summer” about Victor Tsoe, created in co-production with France. Serebrennikov’s film ended up under house arrest after being escorted straight from the set from St. Petersburg to Moscow in August 2017. “Summer” was included in the main program of the Cannes Film Festival 2018, and the directorate invited Serebrennikov to personally present the film, understanding the situation in which he finds himself. Kirill was then under house arrest. A few hours before the show, the festival’s art director Thierry Fremo said that at the official request of the French Foreign Ministry, the appeal of the French Minister of Culture and the French Ambassador to Russia to release Serebrennikov from house arrest for the Cannes premiere – Vladimir Putin personally replied that he would to do so, but the law is the law. He cannot influence justice, and the courts in Russia are independent. Then the film crew went to the star track without a director, but with an English-language sign “Kirill Serebrennikov”. There was an empty chair at the press conference, symbolizing the absence of the director.

“Petrovs in the flu” also participated in the main competition in Cannes in 2021, where Serebrennikov could not come. He then took part in court hearings. The film was presented by Chulpan Khamatova, Julia Peresild, Yura Borisov, Ivan Dorn, Yuri Kolokolnikov and other actors, as well as the producer of “Student”, “Summer” and “Petrov in the flu” Ilya Stewart, who grew up and lived most of his life in Australia. Apparently, he and his wife, actress Svetlana Ustinova, also left Russia. In any case, in the play “Malva” with her participation in the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov urgently wanted a replacement.

Kirill Serebrennikov was waited for and supported in Cannes for too long. And now, with a little more than a month left before the festival, if nothing prevents it from opening in our difficult times, it is likely that Kirill Serebrennikov will become a participant and present his new film “Tchaikovsky’s Wife”. It is not surprising that, having arrived from Moscow to Paris, Kirill met with the delegate of the Cannes Film Festival Joel Shapron, who really loves Russian cinema. He was one of the few representatives of the world film industry who said that Russian cinema should not be abolished as a class because of the events in Ukraine, that there are many independent directors in Russia who make honest films, and it would be wrong to delete their works from Cannes film festival. It was Joel who took a photo of Serebrennikov on Place de la Bastille in Paris and posted it on social media. According to Shapron, Kirill Serebrennikov is preparing for filming and plans to hold master classes.

After Paris, Kirill Serebrennikov probably went to Berlin, where the day before the actors of the Gogol Center, which was recently headed by Kirill Serebrennikov, played the play “Decameron”. This is a joint project of Deutsches Theater Berlin and the Moscow Gogol Center. The play is being performed both in Moscow and in Berlin, where it was shown before the lockdown. It employs five artists from Germany and Russia. That evening Chulpan Khamatova, who had come from Latvia, came on stage. She replaced actress Irina Vybornova, who has a covid. It became known that on March 23 Chulpan Khamatova resigned from the Sovremennik Theater of her own free will.

Published in the newspaper “Moscow Komsomolets” №28754 dated March 31, 2022

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Incredible departure of Kirill Serebrennikov from Russia


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