Killed in civilian clothes on the streets of Bucha. What is known about the terrible footage from the city near Kiev, where the Russian army came from

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Photo author, Reuters

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Ukrainian military on the streets of Bucha

As Russian troops leave their occupied settlements in the Kiev region, journalists and representatives of the Ukrainian authorities are beginning to get an idea of ​​what was happening there during the occupation. On Saturday, AFP and Reuters visited the city of Bucha near the Ukrainian capital and saw that about 20 bodies of men in civilian clothes lay on one of its streets.

The material contains shocking details, shots and photos.

Photographs taken by AFP journalists show the bodies of those killed and the much-destroyed city, which Ukrainian authorities regained control of this week. Similar pictures were also taken by Reuters reporters, who also showed the bodies of the dead in civilian clothes, burned cars and houses damaged by shells and rockets.

On Saturday, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar said that the Ukrainian army has fully regained control over the Kiev region. Fierce fighting has been going on in the Bucha area for a long time.

The data on the dead civilians is also confirmed by the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Komarov, who published a report from the city on the channel of the Odessa film studio on YouTube.

16 of the 20 bodies seen by AFP were on the sidewalk or near the curb. Three more died in the middle of the road, and one was in the yard of the destroyed house.

Next to one of the bodies lay an open passport of a citizen of Ukraine, the hands of this man were tied behind his back by a piece of white cloth. Two other victims had white armbands on their hands.

In a conversation with Reuters, locals claimed that during the occupation, Russian troops forced them to wear such bandages constantly.

Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk told AFP by telephone that “280 people have already been buried in mass graves” after the Ukrainian army regained control of this key city near Kiev.

According to him, the streets of the ruined city are littered with corpses. As for the bandages, the mayor explained: they had to “show that people are not armed.”

The Russian Defense Ministry did not comment on the suspicion. The BBC cannot confirm this at this time.

How did they die?

According to Fedoruk, among the dead were both men and women, he allegedly saw the body of a 14-year-old teenager.

Fedoruk claims that there are still cars on the streets of the city with “whole dead families – children, women, grandmothers and men.”

The photos, which are distributed by Reuters, show the remains of at least one woman.

According to AFP and Reuters, some bodies may have been lying on the road for days or even weeks.

Photo author, Reuters

Locals told Reuters that these people died as a result of the actions of the Russian military, which occupied the city for a month. “All these people were shot, killed, in the back of the head,” AFP quoted Mayor Buchi as saying. Russia’s Defense Ministry has not responded to the allegations, and the BBC cannot confirm them.

Under what circumstances these people were killed, it is difficult to draw certain conclusions. Reuters reporters write that they could have been killed by shrapnel, explosions or bullets.

One of the dead is lying near his bicycle. Another man’s body remained a few meters from his home, a neighbor named Vasily, a close friend, told Reuters.

Vasily described his life under occupation to Reuters: “We sat in the basement for two weeks. There was no food, no light, no heating to keep warm. We heated water by candlelight. We slept in valenki.”

The following are photos that may be shocking.

Mayor Buchi claims that some of the dead were killed while trying to cross the Buchanka River to enter Ukrainian-controlled territory. It is not possible to check his statements quickly.

Mass grave

Fedoruk told AFP that the city authorities have already buried 280 people killed in the mass grave during the Russian invasion. In an interview with Reuters, he estimated the number of civilians killed at 300.

Photo author, AFP

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Journalists witnessed bodies lying on the street

The appearance of mass graves in Bucha was reported by the Ukrainian media on March 13, at that time the director of the Irpen city center of primary health care Andrei Levkovsky wrote about the burial of 67 civilians.

According to Fedoruk, the remains of people are still lying on the streets, because the sappers in the city have not finished their work, they can be removed only “in three or four days.”

Photo author, AFP

Reuters asked the Russian presidential administration and the Russian Defense Ministry to comment on the situation, but they did not provide an immediate response.

This week, the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen saw 13 more bodies on a road in another part of the Kiev region between the villages of Mriya and Myla, some of which may have belonged to Ukrainian servicemen.

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