Kineshemka Anastasia Chumakova won the “Duel” in the show “Voice. Children” | News of Kineshma and Ivanovo region

She passed to the stage of “Song of the flight”.

On April 1, “Fights” on the show “Voice. Children” began on the First Channel. And in the first three of Polina Gagarina’s team, the audience saw the performance of a 9-year-old girl from Kineshma Anastasia Chumakova, who had previously successfully passed the stage of blind auditions.

This time Anastasia performed a song by Tony Basil Mickey with two other participants. The song came out as a single from Basil’s debut album Word of Mouth in 1981. The original version was included in Racey’s album Smash and Grab called Kitty. The song topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and became the only Basil single to enter the top 40. There are versions of the song in Swedish and Japanese.

Anastasia again won over the jury with her performance and it was she who won the “Duel”.

Recall that children’s “Duels” differ from the adult “Voice” primarily in that one song is sung not by two but by three. This is done on the recommendation of child psychologists, as in this case, two drop out at once, and the child is easier to survive stress. There is no saving the mentor.

Also, only one team participates in each match. Immediately after the end of the fights, the stage “Song for departure” begins, in which the five remaining participants in the project sing the songs that they performed at blind auditions. Based on the results of the stage, the mentor selects two finalists.

Date of publication April 1, 2022, 22:48
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