Konstantin Ivlev’s pregnant wife complained of kidney problems

20:43, 18.03.2022

Valeria admits that she does not feel well.

29 years old Valeria Kudenkova and a 48-year-old chef Konstantin Ivlev are currently expecting a baby. For the wife of the star of the culinary show, this will be the firstborn. Constantine has two children from a previous marriage – an 8-year-old daughter I’m dreaming and a 20-year-old son Matthew. Now Kudenkova is actively talking in her personal blog about how her first pregnancy is going. So, for example, today it became known that Valeria is experiencing severe kidney pain.

As it turned out, the work of important organs is disrupted because of the baby, which puts pressure on them. “The situation is as follows: the baby is pressing on the kidney. For this reason, the kidney is not completely released. Tests have not yet shown the need for a stent, but even if necessary, I decided not to do so, so that once again there was no anesthesia. There is very little left before the birth, it is better to be patient, ”Valeria complained in her personal blog.

Valeria Kudenkova and Konstantin Ivlev

Note that according to Valeria, such problems often occur in pregnant women. Now Kudenkova is trying to cope with the disease on their own, performing various exercises. “I can’t sit in the car in the back seat or on a soft sofa for more than 20 minutes at all. It becomes very painful, starting to look for a place. From the observations and advice of doctors, the knee-elbow position helps for a few minutes a day, ”added the presenter’s wife.

We will add that Konstantin and Valeria are actively preparing for the birth of a daughter: at the beginning of next month the presenter’s wife should give birth. Recently, the expectant mother showed interior of a children’s room, which she and her husband arranged in their country house. According to Valeria, the nursery is already getting its final look. The room already has a cot, high chair, canopy and baby rug. Kudenkova also said that soon Konstantin will paint the walls in the nursery on his own.

Valeria Kudenkova showed a nursery for her daughter

It is interesting that for the period of Valeria’s pregnancy regularly encounters prejudice. Ivlev’s wife ridicules all sorts of rumors and speculations. So, for example, recently Kudenkova went to a beauty salon for hair coloring. Later, the girl shared the results of the stylist’s work in a personal blog, for which she received a wave of hatred. As it turned out, many fans believe that a woman in a position not to dye her hair. Valeria immediately fought back. “Girls, rid me of these prejudices! To paint or not to paint, whether to drink wine, whether to wear thongs, whether to cut nails and hair, whether to sleep on your back… You can list endlessly! This is everyone’s choice! And the recommendations of the attending physician! Everything I do, I consider permitted. I am also discussing this with my doctor, ”said the host’s wife.

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