Korotchenko spoke about the weapons of directed energy, which were reported to Putin

“Laser weapons are actively developing around the world”

At a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, in charge of the defense industry, spoke about the creation of non-traditional weapons. According to Borissov, all this will be done within the framework of the new State Weapons Program (STP).

“The new GWP will be aimed at creating qualitatively new weapons, including non-traditional ones, including directed weapons, kinetic weapons, as well as artificial intelligence control systems and robotic systems,” the Kremlin said in a statement. Borisov said that by mid-2023 a new State Arms Program will be ready.

Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, said that he meant “weapons of directed energy” and where they would be used.

– First of all, these are, of course, combat lasers of various bases, which can be used in mobile ground and naval weapons systems, as well as in the future on other types of media.

“How will they be fundamentally different from the laser weapons we have?”

– Now we have only some elements, for example, such as the laser complex “Peresvet”. At present, it is most likely a matter of a wider range of weapons based on laser technology.

– What advantage will the development of directed energy weapons give us?

– The development of weapons based on laser technology is now being actively pursued around the world. Estimates such as “No analogues” should not be abused. There are always analogues, and if there are none, they will definitely appear. Laser weapon systems are actively developing in the United States, in China, and, therefore, should be developed in our country. In the longer term, obviously, other types of electromagnetic weapons may appear. For example, to disable drones. But it’s later. But laser weapons can be implemented in the coming years. If Borisov states, then there are prototypes and developments that allow us to talk about it.

– Are kinetic weapons and control systems with the use of artificial intelligence also real prospects?

– All these developments at the level of research and development. Work on the creation of weapons with the use of artificial intelligence in any case provides that the final decision will be made by man. Perhaps only with the exception of the system called “Perimeter” or “Dead Hand”, when due to the massive strike on the territory of the Russian Federation with nuclear weapons, retaliatory measures will be taken according to a certain algorithm, regardless of human factors. But this is an extreme option when it comes to retaliation in the conditions of the third world war, which has passed into the nuclear stage.


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