Ksenia Sobchak condemns Polina Gagarin for performing Victor Tsoi’s song at a concert in support of a special operation in Ukraine

Polina Gagarina

Ksenia Sobchak published a film on her YouTube channel dedicated to the reaction of Russian media personalities to the special operation that began in Ukraine on February 24. The journalist analyzed the behavior of the stars who supported and condemned the special operation, as well as those who chose to keep their opinion.

One celebrity, according to Sobchak, struck her more than others, namely Polina Gagarina, who performed Victor Tsoi’s song “Cuckoo” at a concert-rally in “Luzhniki” on March 18. According to Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the concert was an eloquent demonstration of support for the Russian president and the Russian military participating in the special operation.

Polina Gagarina

In an interview with Sobchak, music critic Artur Gasparyan commented on the singer’s actions:

I think that many of those who have remained silent will have a difficult time in the future. It will not be so easy for them, but it will be easier for them Polina Gagarina, who, in my opinion, did the most monstrous thing that could be done. The most monstrous, uncontrollable, cynical act. I wondered in the media whether there was a criminal article for insulting believers in a particularly sophisticated way. Because, conditionally speaking, all those who love Tsoi are people who believe in some ideals. And all these people were offended.

They realized that, apparently, like Oxymiron, or like Andrei Makarevich, or like Boris Grebenshchikov, she does not have, she will not be able to resist the system. At one point she raised her hands and gave up. <...> She thought, she didn’t think what she thought, what place, or where her brain had moved – she could go down from her head to some other place in her body – it doesn’t matter anymore. The job is done. A stain from which she will not wash off for the rest of her life.

Ksenia SobchakKsenia Sobchak

Sobchak, in turn, turned to the singer:

Polina, you participated in the Chinese version of the show “Voice”, you performed at “Eurovision”. Wouldn’t you be able to get broadcasts for the Police Day anyway? It is clear that the stars may not have the opportunity to perform anywhere else, except on public holidays. It is clear that corporate parties will be reduced to zero, and the holidays will remain only public, so the government is now fighting not for life but for death. However, not all.

Many Russian stars have already spoken about the situation in Ukraine. Among those who condemned the special operation – Chulpan Khamatova, rapper Face, Zemfira, Maxim Galkin. Among those who supported her were Yana Rudkovskaya, Nikolai Baskov, and Timati.

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