Kudryavtseva in a skirt-case and a jacket with a basque spoiled the figure

The TV presenter chose an unusual bow for filming. But image-maker-stylist Elena Bestavi admitted that such an outfit can visually add a few pounds.

Lera Kudryavtseva. Photo: Global Look Press

Lera Kudryavtseva has been working on television for many years. She knows almost all Russian artists, and has repeatedly interviewed legendary actors and singers. The blonde hosts the programs “Stars Met” and “Secret to a Million”.

She always chooses elegant suits or feminine dresses for filming. In his 50s, the TV star boasts a slender figure and youthful appearance.

With the onset of spring, Lera began to wear more delicate outfits. On March 21, she appeared at work in a forget-me-not suit. A jacket with shoulder straps and double-breasted clasps emphasized her figure. Kudryavtseva straightened her hair and did make-up with an emphasis on the eyes. Fans admired how she looks.

Many admitted that such an unusual outfit to her face. But for the site her bow was appreciated by the image-maker-stylist Elena Bestavi. She explained that such an outfit would not suit everyone.

“Lera is wearing a military-style pastel forget-me-not suit. This color is very suitable for blondes, like all pastel shades. He is very refreshing to them.

The military style is not as rigid as camouflage suits. Arriving in the women’s wardrobe, the military is far from the traditional uniform worn by soldiers. This suit is a confirmation of that.

This style has won the podium quite firmly and I can assume that it will be relevant not only this year but also next. I would say that the outfit does not fit. First, the double-breasted clasp – always visually adds volume. We no longer have to talk about harmony.

Plus the diagonal lines of the floor of the jacket also visually expand the thigh area. This always happens when the selected diagonal approaches the horizontal line. If the floors were sharper, it would soften everything. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to say that the suit was chosen to look slimmer, ”the expert said.


Elena Bestavi is an image maker-stylist. Bestavi has been here for 10 years, and thanks to master classes, and “BestaviStyle School of Image and Style“, Teaches to compose stories about yourself with the right clothes and accessories. She teaches the basics of image creation, the basics of color, the laws of visual illusion and style.

Elena Bestavi. Photo:

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