La Soirée Franco plans to play an important part in local francophone culture

Musicians, comedians, dancers, and many other francophone artists will take the stage for your entertainment

A goal of having francophones and francophiles meet for social and musical evenings has led to a partnership between Les Compagnons des francs loisirs and The New Ontario Brewing Company.

Every three months, La Soirée will feature franco musicians, comedians, dancers, and other francophone artists onstage at New Ontario Brewing.

Anne Brule is the Program Manager at Les Compagnons and says the local artist scene needs all the support possible.

“We’ve heard of a lot of venues that closed their stages in the past few years,” Brule told BayToday. “So it’s exciting that New Ontario is opening its doors to local artists and showing its support for the francophone community. So it is a great initiative they have brought to us and we’re very happy to collaborate and encourage the arts.”

The first Soirée will take place on April 8 starting at 8 pm and will feature Maxime MacDonald, Jules-Pierre Fournier, Stef Paquette and Nacho Jam.

Mike Harrison, President of New Ontario Brewing, says his company is 50 per cent francophone background, so it’s a good fit.

“We feel it’s important in North Bay, with a large francophone population, that there are still venues for French culture. We’re very big at bringing diverse groups together and also bringing innovative and new shows to town that ordinarily wouldn’t happen. “

The company has launched a new online events calendar

“We’re bringing bands in from Hamilton. Toronto and hopefully some from the States as well. The last two years have been very difficult, for northern Ontario especially, as we are a little bit more isolated from the culture scene down south. So bringing more events of cultural significance is very important to us.”

Les Compagnons is also putting a call out to artists who would like to participate in La Soirée Franco. “We are always looking for new talent or suggestions from our members as to what presentations or activities you would like to see.”

You might think that the sale of the Les Compagnons building Would be a setback to French culture in North Bay, but Brule says it’s the exact opposite.

See: Les Compagnons building sold

“Losing the building helped us become free. It freed up our assets to be able to do events like these at New Ontario, at the Capitol Centre, the Grande Event Centre, and the Davedi Club. It allows us to be more a part of the community instead of apart from the community. The sale has allowed us to concentrate on creating these types of happenings more often, and allows greater accessibility to culture and arts in our community.”

To purchase tickets for La Soirée Franco, click here. Admission is $20.

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