Lando Norris: I’m sure the team will understand everything

Finishing in Bahrain 15th, Lando Norris said the car lacked speed – and it was one of his best races …

Question At the start you lost several positions: what happened
Lando Norris: I no longer remember: the race was long and difficult. We were seriously slow in speed, and when we were behind, we wanted to attack to win back, but the tires were quickly worn out. We tried, but the gap with the rivals is too great. I hope we will fix something and make progress towards the next race.

Question The next race is in Saudi Arabia, and this track is not quite suitable for your car Maybe the situation will be better in Australia?
Lando Norris: I do not know. It can be good or it can be bad. Let’s see. Now we need to analyze everything and prepare for Jeddah. We need to maintain a positive attitude and progress – I will focus on that.

Question Were there any positive moments
Lando Norris: Probably just that the race is over. I tried to make the most of the situation, but when everything is so difficult, it is difficult to continue the struggle. We need to work hard and treat the situation as if we are fighting for points.

Question You were skeptical about the assumption that the team will quickly find a solution
Lando Norris: Maybe we’ll fix something for the next race… We can experiment more. There is a new weekend ahead, there are more fast and medium speed turns in Jeddah, which should help us. We will try to do our job as best we can.

Before this race we did not know what to expect – there were too many questions. Before that we had not traveled such a long distance, we did not know how the tires would behave. We found out a lot, but it was difficult to achieve more. We need to make the car faster, only then we can fight for something.

Question Is there any hope that in the future everything will be fine
Lando Norris: There is always hope. We have a whole season to understand the car and refine it, although it will not be easy. Having understood what is happening and the problems, we must prepare new things. But this process can take a third, a half or three quarters of a season. I do not want to believe that we will not find the cause of the problems at all.

I’m sure the team will understand everything. I believe in it after what we have achieved over the last few years. But we didn’t start this season the way we wanted. We need to take a step back, analyze everything and then move on. We will continue to work and will definitely win back in the next races. I’m not saying it will happen this week, but it’s possible in the future.

Question Given your position in the last few years, are you surprised by the lag behind rivals
Lando Norris: A little – yes. But I will not say that it was a surprise for us: from the first round of Friday’s training we realized that the weekend will be long. We knew it would be difficult. I don’t know how long it will take to find a solution. I have to believe in the team and its ability to solve problems. There are positive points to focus on. I am sure that in the course of the season we will fix everything.

So far, everything is as it is, and we need to get used to it. Of course, in recent years, expectations have increased, everyone looked at us … But now we could not do everything right and we are much behind rivals. We need to start from the beginning and deal with everything.


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