Leading designer and screenwriter Starfield named Cyberpunk 2077 and Spider-Man one of their sources of inspiration.

Bethesda Game Studios veteran Emil Pagliarulo shared his experience working in the studio on her blog. He has been with the company for 19 years and has contributed to all of its major releases, starting with Morrowind.

Pagliarulo is a leading designer and screenwriter for Starfield, and in his final year of development, his day at the office consisted mainly of meetings with designers and testing the game to find moments that could still be finalized before release. Pagliarullo says that the creators of Starfield try to be extremely honest with each other and openly say what works and what needs extra attention.

Speaking of sources of inspiration, Pagliarulo said that Thief is another of his favorite games, but he tries to regularly launch other titles in various genres. His own gamerscore on the Xbox is 168,000, but the developer also plays on other platforms.

I love playing games that make me think: Wow. I know how they did it, and it’s crazy. ” The new games about Spider-Man were just like that. Or Cyberpunk 2077. Seriously create a huge open space like Knight City? This is very difficult, and this achievement is seriously impressive.

Emile Pagliarulo

designer and screenwriter

Pagliarulo believes that Starfield will be an amazing game, but the studio needs to finish it first. So far, Bethesda has only occasionally shared the details of the RPG, but Todd Howard has previously said that the first gameplay is going to be shown in the summer of 2022. This will probably happen in June.

Starfield’s release is still scheduled for November 11 for PC and Xbox.

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