Lenka Gryu about the reason for her divorce from her husband and her son’s reaction to the changes in the family

According to the 34-year-old actress, she managed to stay on good terms with Michal. The ex-spouses are still working together, for example, on the popular TV series “Pregnancy Test”, where Lenka plays one of the roles.

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“It’s very difficult for me to single out any one reason,” Gryu said, referring to the reasons for the breakup with the filmmaker. – It just comes to the realization that it’s time. It is important that the decision is not based on fear of the future, but on honesty. Of course, scary. After all, you have grown into each other so much that it is like a part of you, like living on without your arm or leg. But I think that in the future Misha and I will feel happier and better – as friends, as parents of our child, than as a couple. It was an honest decision for each other. “

By the way, 11-year-old Maxim was quite calm about his parents’ separation. The boy does not feel infringed on the attention and love of the star mother and father.

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“Fortunately, he understood everything and felt that he was not in danger. It was important for him that Misha and I did not quarrel and communicate warmly. According to his ideas, taken from movies, when people get divorced, they swear and offend each other. We reassured him in this regard, explained that we remain close people and parents who love him. In addition, Maxim is already used to the fact that periodically one of us left for filming and he stayed with me, then with Misha, then the three of us went somewhere to travel. In this sense, his way of life has not changed. We are planning to spend a vacation together. So Maxim is quite happy, even more, because everyone wants to entertain him, make him happy.

I watch his emotional state very closely, it is important for us to discuss all the questions he has. The child feels safe when he is involved in the process of change, whether it is a change of apartment, moving, the birth of another child or the separation of parents. I have been studying psychology for many years, living on social media on how to interact with my child to eliminate stress, neurosis and grow a harmonious personality from his life. I see a large number of responses, so it’s not in vain, “said Lenka Gryu in an interview with WomanHit.

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