Leonkov revealed the main tasks of the second stage of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine

About what to prepare for in the future, and about the causes of “information turbulence” “MK” talks with the editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alexei Leonkov.

– If you listen to what Sergei Shoigu said, what awaits us next?

– In the beginning, I would like to touch on yesterday’s event related to the negotiation process. The unprofessionalism of the people who performed yesterday is clearly there. Apparently, they did not fully understand their status, allowing themselves to interpret some things freely.

In diplomacy, there is a practice where the word must be weighed and uttered in time and place. If this does not happen, then there may be an explosion of emotions that shook the whole country yesterday. I hope everyone has already understood: the operation will continue.

In order to change the situation, some rotation of troops is needed. It is irrational to spray forces on both Kyiv and Donbass at the same time.

In principle, we now have parity with Ukraine near Ukraine. There, the APU cannot break through our defenses. And in order for us to make a serious breakthrough in their defense, we need to increase the group a little.

But now our main headache is the liberation of the people of Donbass. The shelling is still going on in Donetsk. Today there were five arrivals of heavy shells in the village of Tekstilshchik. This threat must be eliminated in principle. And it is eliminated only by the complete destruction of the group that stands near Donetsk.

This group has the most powerful fortifications. All this must be taken first. I’m not talking about Mariupol, where the operation to clean up the city is about to end. They are working very actively there now, they have put a lot of Ukrainian nationalists, but they are still resisting. This task distracts a certain amount of effort and resources.

– The Americans claim that a huge number of troops and equipment are concentrated on our Russian-Ukrainian border. For what? Is an offensive planned?

“I wouldn’t trust American intelligence so much.” After the events in Afghanistan last year, it is about the same meme, a symbol as “British scientists”.

On the other hand, the concentration of troops in our territory can occur for various reasons. For example, to exclude any advance of Ukrainian troops on our territory.

We did not conduct the first phase of the operation with the entire contingent of troops that was involved there. Yes, it was done on purpose, because we understood that there would be heavy fighting, people were prone to physical fatigue and it would be necessary to rotate. That is, to withdraw units that are fighting there almost around the clock, replacing them with other, fresher units. And Mariupol is a vivid example, rotation has already taken place there.

The same thing is happening in other areas. And the enemy does not have such opportunities. By the way, this is one of the tactics we use to exhaust the enemy. Due to this, he begins to make mistakes, despite the fact that all the information about what is happening on the battlefield is provided to him by the Americans in real time.


– Through its satellite reconnaissance teams, satellites for remote sensing of the Earth, as well as through the satellites of Ilona Mask. The operational situation is being dropped on Starlink receivers, which are available in many units of the APU and the National Battalion. It is clear that this intelligence information has already been processed, analyzed, goals have been set… Then these data, processed by Western headquarters, are passed on to the Ukrainian military.

In fact, we can say that the Joint Committee of NATO Headquarters is against us. And it really is.

Here is an example: a group of APU forces in Donbass was beheaded. Headquarters destroyed. There is only the middle management left. But it has not lost the ability to lead the fighting, which only confirms the evidence that the true leadership of the troops is from the outside. That’s why there are the most persistent battles.

Of course, they have weapons outages there. But it is still enough. Including because we did not close the corridor from Dnepropetrovsk. They are trying to throw manpower and some weapons at him. Although our people control this process and destroy the equipment. The situation now is this: we have gathered them in one place.

With the reserves of the APU is quite problematic. They have to keep groups in Nikolaev, Kiev, Donbass. And the elimination of the Donbass group was identified as the main task at this stage.

– Near Donetsk now grouping of about 50 thousand?

– When the operation was just started, the Donbass group numbered about 70,000. Now it’s about 50. But it’s still very big.

Near Kharkov, we properly weakened the group there, and practically destroyed it in Mariupol. And keep in mind that these are the most capable forces. Near Kiev are forces that were in reserve in Western Ukraine. They were transferred from there urgently to keep the city at all costs. And let’s not forget that in Odessa, too, there are troops gathered there, so as not to surrender the city.

Our strategy of the first phase of the operation led to the fact that all the forces of the Ukrainian army were scattered along the entire line of contact. But the main task at the moment, as Shoigu said, is the final destruction of the Donbass group. We will not allow them to live peacefully around the clock – neither day nor night. We will open, dig, destroy.

– And if there will be help in the form of manpower and weapons?

– We will meet “help” on the march. However, they use cunning tactics – they send it all in civilian cars, or under the guise of humanitarian aid. It is impossible to view all civilian cars moving towards cities, let alone shoot them, as civilians may indeed be there. And whatever means of reconnaissance we have, it is impossible to consider that in these machines, through metal.

“Can’t this supply corridor be closed?”

– There is still a need to solve the problem of coverage, that is, to close the lid of the “boiler”. In addition, we understand that some civilians are still able to break through these open passages. They are taken out of there for money. At the same time, people pay Ukrainian checkpoints that stand there to get out of the APU fire. But at the top of our list is the task of preserving the lives of civilians as much as possible. So here are the features that we have to take into account.


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