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Sunrise: 06:04
Sunset: 19:02
The sun in Aries.

Aries. Take a look at the world, you may find a clue in an unexpected place. The stars promise Aries a clear and sunny day, both at work and in love. Even if it rains outside, you will still feel a surge of energy, inspiration and joy.

Taurus. Astrologers recommend not responding to a person’s message from the past, you will not like his intentions. People around you will tremble with trepidation, and many will finally acknowledge your merits. Well, you have to answer many questions, because everyone wants to get a recommendation or advice from a real professional.

The twins. Your creative energy is key, you will be a source of new ideas and creative solutions. Do not doubt yourself and say everything that comes to mind.

Cancer. With faith in yourself and the project, you can persuade any skeptic. There is a favorable period for overcoming internal conflicts. You can see in the true light your own desires and goals, to give up old fears and misconceptions that prevent you from moving forward.

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Lion. An auspicious time to establish personal contacts, others will look at your shortcomings through your fingers. Try to give them reciprocal kindness.

Virgo. Astrologers urge to avoid crowded places, society will bring some trouble. Virgos decide to criticize everyone they meet along the way. Alas, such arbitrariness can turn out to be deplorable for you. Try to keep your mouth shut so as not to blurt out too much.

Libra. Today you will be quite susceptible to negativity, some trifle can spoil your mood, beware. Conversations will only take your time today, and your actions will be very eloquent and revealing.

Scorpio. This day brings the long-awaited news to Scorpios. Well, the action plan has long been drawn up and thought out, it’s time to implement it. The firmness of character and intransigence that you usually show in all difficult situations are now very useful, because you have to fight a strong enemy.

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Sagittarius. Today you should do your best to expand the circle of communication. And the better you do it – the higher the probability of extremely promising in terms of love dating.

Capricorn. The day is not suitable for risky transactions, but if you have thought it through carefully, you can put your signature. Although you do not like responsibility, today you will have to show it in financial and household matters. Astrologers are sure you can handle it!

Aquarius. Logic will give you information on how to proceed, but only intuition will help you make the right decision. Do small household chores, there may be problems with large projects.

Fish. You urgently need to rest so as not to fall apart at the most crucial moment. Remember how much responsibility you have taken on. Try to relax, at least a couple of hours to forget about work completely. Invite friends.

Astrologer: Waldemar Nebokhodtsev


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