Live broadcast of the 23rd round of the RPL: ​​online match “Locomotive” – ​​”Spartak” April 2, 2022

Pavel Prokhorov

🔃 Triple substitution at Rostov: Danila Sukhomlinov, Nikolai Komlichenko and Andrei Langovich appeared on the field instead of Ali Sow, Nikolai Poyarkov, Khoren Bayramyan.

Pavel Prokhorov

👎 Rostov attacks, but the team lacks one accurate shot. The hosts have problems with completion.

Pavel Prokhorov

The 2nd half started in the match between Rostov and Nizhny Novgorod. While 2: 1 in favor of the guests. During the break, Alexander Kerzhakov made one substitution: Albert Sharipov came on instead of Ilya Berkovsky.

Pavel Prokhorov

⚠️ The match between Lokomotiv and Spartak will take place, despite the snowfall in Moscow. However, there will be no off-line VAR lines.

“Due to difficult weather conditions, the stadium services failed to mark the field at a pre-determined time, which made it impossible to carry out the procedure of calibrating offside lines. Due to this, there will be no use of offside detection technology in this match. The use of computer offside lines is not mandatory under the IFAB Rules and the VAR Protocol. The main functionality of the VAR system will work normally, ”the RFU said.

Pavel Prokhorov

Stotsky puts Nizhny Novgorod ahead of Rostov

🇷🇺🇨🇦 There is a goal in the locker room! Richie Annin assisted Dmitry Stotsky. For the Russian, this is his debut goal for Nizhny Novgorod.

Pavel Prokhorov

😱 What is Kirill Gotsuk doing ?! The defender of “Nizhny Novgorod” almost scored in his own goal, Artur Nigmatullin managed to save the team.

Pavel Prokhorov

Rostov – Nizhny Novgorod – 1: 1. Szczecin scored his debut goal in the RPL

⚽️1️⃣ 1: 1 in Rostov! What a cool attack the Valery Karpin team had. Khoren Bayramyan, Dmitry Poloz and Kirill Shchetinin played well, and the 20-year-old midfielder scored his first goal in the RPL.

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Pavel Prokhorov

“Nizhny Novgorod” opened the score in the match with “Rostov”

🇨🇦 And here’s a quick goal – Canadian Richie Annin brought “Nizhny Novgorod” forward in the seventh minute of the match!

Pavel Prokhorov

🌞 Valery Karpin against Alexander Kerzhakov is such a sign in Rostov-on-Don, where the local team hosts Nizhny Novgorod. The match has already begun!

Kirill Zakatchenko

Arsenal and Akhmat played a goalless draw

📌 Arsenal and Akhmat did not please the fans with goals. Let’s see what the bottom of the table looks like after the first matches of Saturday’s program of the 23rd round.

Kirill Zakatchenko

“Ufa” beat “Wings of Soviets” away

😨 And the final whistle sounds in Samara. “Ufa” beat “Wings of the Soviets”, and the winning goal was scored by the best scorer of the RPL Hamid Agalarov.

Kirill Zakatchenko

👍 Cool game in Samara! In the end, Agalarov missed the opportunity to make a double, and then Ignatiev’s shot was dragged by Ufa goalkeeper Belenov.

Kirill Zakatchenko

“Wings of the Soviets” – “Ufa”. Agalarov scored the 15th goal of the season

⚽ How great he played Агаларов!! RPL’s top scorer realized his only chance in the match with the “Wings”. Emelyanov threw the ball with his head on Hamid, and he scored the 15th goal of the season.

Kirill Zakatchenko

💪 A new moment at the gates of “Arsenal”, but now the goalkeeper of Tula Levashov has proved himself. First, he repulsed Harin’s blow, and then managed to finish off Konate. Handsome! It is interesting that Levashov started the match in reserve, but changed Kochenkov before the break.

Kirill Zakatchenko

❗ There are still no goals in Tula, although the guests had a good time. Substitute Konate hit his head on the crossbar. He, by the way, changed the injured Timofeev during the break. The episode with Chausic’s rough play did not go unnoticed.

Kirill Zakatchenko

“Wings” tied the score in the match with “Ufa” thanks to a legionnaire’s goal

⚽ And yet the Samaritans compare the score. The Brazilian scored the first goal for Krylev Fernando Costanza, great head shot. An interesting ending awaits us.

Kirill Zakatchenko

🔴 By the way, the end of the first half in Tula turned out to be hot. Referee Vitaly Meshkov removed Goran Chausic after the screening. The hosts will go to the second half ten. First, the Serb pushed Todorovic, and then flew with both feet into Timofeev.

Kirill Zakatchenko

📌 “Wings” have the advantage, but can not be embodied in the goal. In Tula, the scoreboard is zero, and in general the game is not happy yet.

Kirill Zakatchenko

“Wings of the Soviets” – “Ufa” – 0: 1. Zhuravlyov opened the score in the match

⚽ Meanwhile, Ufa opens the score in a away match against the Wings of the Soviets. Great played standard, and defender Yuri Zhuravlev calmly sent the ball into the gates of the Samara team.

Kirill Zakatchenko

📋 At the same time in Tula, the local Arsenal will play against Akhmat. The teams have already decided on the lineups, the captain’s armband in the Grozny club has passed to Bernard Berisch.

Kirill Zakatchenko

⚽ Two matches of the 23rd round of the RPL will take place at 14:00 Moscow time. “Wings of the Soviets” will host “Ufa” in Samara. The composition of the hosts can be found below.

Kirill Zakatchenko

Who will win the match between Lokomotiv and Spartak? Poll

📊 It’s time for forecasts. You can also upload your options in the comments.

Kirill Zakatchenko

🤔 This week, Spartak announced the departure of Ayrton to Flamengo. We understand how the red and whites will replace the Brazilian football player.

How Spartak will replace Ayrton in the derby and at the end of the season.  There are three options
How Spartak will replace Ayrton in the derby and at the end of the season. There are three options

Kirill Zakatchenko

👇 The 23rd round started yesterday with a match in Kazan. Khimki snatched victory in the game with Rubin and left the last place in the table.

Slutsky's team is already weaker than an outsider!  Rubin lost at home, conceding three goals
Slutsky’s team is already weaker than an outsider! Rubin lost at home, conceding three goals

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