“Loko” beat “Spartak” in a snow derby, 10 victories of “Liverpool”, 12 players of “Bavaria” on the field, three penalties of “Real”, Qatar will not play in the opening match of the World Cup and other news – Football

1. The main match of the RPL round was almost canceled – the game between Lokomotiv and Spartak had to be postponed per hour due to severe weather in Moscow. Spartacus did not want to play in general, but a snowy derby with snowdrifts and mini-tractors took place. Loko won thanks to Isidore’s goal in the end – the Frenchman is still scores in all championship matches after moving to Russia. Red and white have already fallen to 10th place in the table, here and to the departure area by hand. Of course, there were complaints about the refereeing: in the first half the referee canceled Promesa’s goal due to offside, but the main claim – to the undisclosed red card for Beck-Beck. Will be filed protest. Vanoli, however, despite frankly weak resultsdoes not get discouraged and already looks in next season.

2. In other matches, “Ufa” won the championship for the first time since OctoberRostov lost at home to Nizhny Novgorod – The people of Donetsk can’t cheer up even Karpin’s return yet. All results of the day – here.

3. A fiery championship race in the final is planned in the Premier League. Liverpool won at Watford and extended the winning streak up to 10 matches, but a few hours later “Man City” returned to 1st place after the victory over Burnley. Probably April 10 a golden match awaits us. Man Utd without Cristiano Ronaldo could not figure it out at home with Leicesterand Chelsea unexpectedly smashed at home Brentford – Eriksen scored again! Look for the rest of the results here.

4. “Bavaria” instead major victory over Freiburg in the Bundesliga may threaten technical defeat – at the end of the game 12 Munich players were on the field. It would seem that such news should have inspired Borussia, but Dortmund took and lost at home to Leipzig Tedesco – Spartak fans now Fr. such successes can only dream. You can study all the results of the day here.

5. “Real” is not without difficulties beat Celta. For this it took as many as three penalties – Two Benzema scored (and established personal record effectiveness), one lubricated. Atletico raznes “Alaves” thanks to the doubles of Felix and Suarez and for the first time since 2018 won six matches in a row. All La Liga results – here.

6. Opening match of the 2022 World Cup will be held without the host of the tournament, the national team of Qatar – The Netherlands and Senegal will play. It’s all about in telecontracts. Meanwhile, LGBT fans condemned FIFA and Qatar for insufficient measures to protect their rights in the upcoming tournament.

7. CSKA beat SKA in St. Petersburg in the first match of the KHL West final. The winning puck threw 41-year-old Alexander Popov. Moscow club won all nine matches playoffs this season.

8. Daniil Medvedev will postpone the operation due to hernia and will miss one or two months.

9. NHL. “Minnesota” beat “Carolina” (3: 1), Caprice scored 1 + 1 and became a record holder of the club on points for the season, Kulikov threw victory puck. “Tampa” lost to “Montreal” (4: 5 B), despite 3 (1 + 2) points Кучерова. Philadelphia lost to Toronto (3: 6), Provorov scored 3 (2 + 1) points.

“Florida” beat “New Jersey” (7: 6 OT), losing 2: 6 after two periods, Bobrovsky replaced after 6 missed puck. All results of the day – here.

10. Vasily Tomshin won the mass start at the Russian Open Championship in biathlon in Tyumen. Reztsova’s team won the women’s relay.

11. Natalia Nepryaeva won the women’s mass start 30 km freestyle at the Russian Ski Racing Championships.

12. NBA. Record 55 Durant points did not save “Brooklyn” in the match with “Atlanta”, 29 + 14 Embiida helped “Philadelphia” to defeat “Charlotte”, “Golden State” defeated “Utah” and other results.

13. Kiev “Dynamo” will play with “Barcelona”, “PSG”, “Milan”, “Borussia”to raise money to help victims in Ukraine.

14. Bob Hartley will leave “Vanguard”, despite desire of the club extend his contract. The coach flew to Canada soon will tell remotely about his future.

Quotes of the day

Filimonov on the removal of Russians: “Hypocrisy, discrimination on the basis of nationality. Prejudice and cynicism towards our team have always been “

Super League report: “We want to save European football. “PSG and Man City have a printing press, and we are fighting against it.”

Vyalbe on the removal of the Russians: “Predictably, whoever was there – Bach, Ivanov or Petrov. If in some countries they call for a ban on Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky “

Filimonov on the situation in Ukraine: “Everything that is happening now started because people were forced to do something.”

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