Love horoscope for the week from March 28 to April 3, 2022

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Try to follow the simple recommendations of astrologers to make your life better. This is the period when it is useful to increase activity. Astrologers recommend that we all spend more time devoting to love and waiting for pleasant surprises. To speed up the search for the other half, you can use special rituals for love.


The planets are in relative harmony, so Aries in the love sphere is waiting for a rather pleasant week, but not complete peace: events are possible that will excite the representatives of this sign. It is possible that a loved one wants to talk about something important. Astrologers advise to keep calm and get rid of the negative. In this, Aries will be helped by five effective exercises.


Life is too fast, so Tauruses should not waste time on melancholy and self-digging. If you have problems in the relationship, you can take a short break and be alone with yourself to put your thoughts in order. This is a favorable period for dating and finding a second half. An analysis of the character by the location of moles will help to find a really nice person.

The twins

This is a very good time not to look for the other half, but to end the toxic relationship. If Gemini is in such a relationship for a long time, but can not get out of it, they should use the help of a special rite. Astrologers also advise not to lose sight of important signs, tips and hints of fate. Astrologers advise family Gemini to connect the imagination and please themselves and their loved ones with nice little things.


Cancer will have a lot of work this week, so astrologers advise to avoid all ways of energy burnout. If you do not do this, then love can start problems, especially for those who have already found a second half. With severe fatigue, Cancers will lose their charisma and will not be able to make a proper impression on someone they like, so the search will turn into a failure.


In order to start a new relationship and a successful search for the other half, Leos must first heal their emotional wounds after a painful breakup with their previous partner. If the mood is good, then everything in the love sphere promises to be extremely good. Astrologers advise not to get close to anyone, not to tell about plans to strangers, not to share secrets with them.


The behavior of the planets indicates that Virgo lovers this week may be upset by some random and spontaneous events. You may have to argue with your partner about something. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not worth worrying about. By the end of the week, the negative sediment will dissolve. Virgos are among the most amorous zodiac signs. This trait will be sharpened, so it is better for everyone who is now alone not to hurry.


The universe will give Libra what they want so much. The process of achieving goals can be accelerated by following the four most important rules of visualization of desires. Astrologers advise single Libra to prepare for unusual acquaintances, fresh emotions and vivid impressions. Family people of this Sign will be able to get away from the routine. To do this, you just need to change the situation.


The first thing Scorpios should avoid in order not to lose luck in love is an excess of negative energy. Venus in conjunction with Saturn on Monday will make many Scorpios nervous about small things. This is easy to solve: you need to get rid of the imposed anxiety. Given the instability of the situation, it is better to save your nerves. Astrologers advise not to do anything yet. Everything is formed by itself.


To achieve the best results in love, Sagittarians should get rid of malicious attitudes and superstitions this week. It is possible that ex-lovers and other people whose names Sagittarius have forgotten or want to forget may appear on the horizon. Not all encounters with the past will be pleasant, and it is important to prepare for this. Planets can also bring Sagittarius unpleasant moments in current relationships.


Capricorns in the period from March 28 to April 3 should communicate as often as possible with representatives of the good signs of the Zodiac. You do not need to inflate yourself with negativity, because it will have an extremely negative effect on communication and interaction with relatives and loved ones. The week will bring new acquaintances to lonely Capricorns. The main thing now is not to blindly follow your emotions, so as not to make mistakes.


The influence of the planets can cause a variety of events. Aquarius will be able to protect themselves by reducing emotionality. If you want to start a new relationship, it is better to first check the love compatibility with this person. There are still no planets in the retro phase, so Aquarius lovers need to act, and as actively as possible. It will be great if you can switch to joint affairs and plans.


The planets and stars want Pisces to show compassion, to lend a shoulder to loved ones and the other half. Outside the window, spring is the time for romantic meetings, walks, travels. So the advice is simple: you need to break out of the routine and go on an adventure. Everyone who is looking for love should use effective whispers to attract it. Nothing is impossible now.

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