Mads Mikkelsen commented on Joan Rowling’s harassment over her trance views

Grabbing the role of the main antagonist “Fantastic Creatures 3”to her in the load Mads Mikkelsen has been given the dubious, albeit predictable, pleasure of answering questions about what he thinks of the scandalous remarks of original author Joan Rowling.

In a conversation with GQ Mikkelsen was interested in his attitude to the delicate situation, but it was not so easy to persuade the actor to accuse the writer of the terrible sin of transphobia.

People are quite careless about this situation, they say, what a shame. And every time you ask someone what she said, you can’t get an intelligible answer. But if the reaction to her words is so crazy, we need to be sure that we know what we are talking about. I’m used to not commenting on things I don’t know anything about. I think everyone else should do the same.

I do not know the solution to this problem. But nothing good will come out of the hateful rhetoric towards women or trances. We should be more honest. And it seems to me that when you turn science into ideology, and politics into science, there is no question of any honesty. It only complicates the situation on whose side you are, and rarely leads to anything good.

The younger generation of actors who starred in Potterian, and later outraged by the traditional views of Rowling, have someone to gain wisdom and skill in answering tricky questions.


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