Malakhov declassified Urgant’s salary, Serdyuchka called Loboda’s tears a lie, who of the escaped stars returned to Russia, the Valley is rapidly gaining weight

The main news of last Sunday – in one article.

Svetlana Loboda. Photo: Global Look Press

Larisa Dolina’s slenderness raises big questions – the singer is rapidly gaining weight. Chulpan Khamatova, according to actress Ekaterina Volkova, hid in Latvia to save her luxurious home. Meanwhile, Verka Serdyuchka does not believe in the tears of her compatriot-patriot Svetlana Loboda. Readers of the website were not only interested in this on March 27, and we gathered all this in one article.

Serdyuchka exposed the sobbing Loboda

Verka Serdyuchka, who is the Ukrainian artist Andrei Danilko, gave a great interview. According to him, Svetlana Loboda sheds fake tears. He did not see the sincerity in the shots taken by the sobbing singer.

“I did not have empathy, it annoyed me. I am such a person – I see falsehood. When you see the fifth take, it annoys me. “How did I cry? Guys, let’s do it again. ” So what is this? ” Said the artist.

The escaped stars are returning

The other day it became known that Ivan Urgant had returned from Israel, where he had been hiding for the last few weeks. Other celebrities followed. Lucy Chebotina, Elena Blinovskaya, collects suitcases Ksenia Sobchak – these and other stars left Russia against the background of Ukrainian events.

It will be recalled that Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are currently in Israel, and nothing is known about their arrival.

Malakhov called Urgant’s salary

Former TV presenter of the First Channel Andrei Malakhov declassified the salary of his colleague Ivan Urgant. While Malakhov worked in the Let Them Talk program, Urgant received $ 50,000. At the rate of those years was about 3 million rubles.

Andrey Malakhov. Photo: Global Look Press

Omarov thanked Urgant

And about Urgant. The showman, who returned to Moscow, received a thank you from blogger Kurban Omarov, Ksenia Borodina’s ex-husband. The man assessed this as an auspicious sign: “I am sure the guy is in the topic and he would not return to the bad. So, everything will be fine. Thank you, Vanya! ”

Ivan Urgant. Photo: Global Look Press

Larissa Valley is getting fatter

Larisa Dolina, who lost tens of kilograms last year, has returned to volume, as recent video footage has shown. She wore a black dress that highlighted the excess.

Malkova, who moved out of the rented apartment, left behind mountains of garbage

Svetlana Malkova, a mother of many children, became famous for becoming the ex-wife of the current husband of actress Anastasia Makeeva. But now she was overtaken by another dubious glory. The woman moved from Slovenia to the United States, leaving the rented apartment in appalling condition. Anastasia Makeeva showed footage of the housing.

Apartment of Svetlana Malkova in Slovenia. Photo: social networks

Khamatova saves real estate?

Chulpan Khamatova fled the country to Latvia. There she has a “house” in an elite country village. And the colleague of the actress Ekaterina Volkova is sure that the star left for Europe to preserve this luxurious property. Because in European countries began to confiscate the possessions of Russians.

Chulpan Khamatova. Photo: Global Look Press

Sobchak showed the ruble exchange rate in Berlin

Ksenia Sobchak in her microblog showed a photo with the exchange rate in Berlin. As it turned out, the Russian ruble does not change against the euro in the European capital. “So don’t buy gas,” Sobchak concluded.

Berlin Airport. Photo: Ksenia Sobchak’s Telegram

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