Marco: There is evidence that the data was copied

The FIA ​​has no claims against Aston Martin, a special inspection of the federation visited the Silverstone-based team and found no evidence of unauthorized use of someone else’s intellectual property in the development of an upgraded version of the AMR22.

This is the essence of the FIA’s response to Red Bull Racing’s official request for an investigation, and we’ve talked about it.

But the federation’s findings did not convince Red Bull; Here is how the team reacted to this verdict: “We have read the FIA ​​statement with interest. Although imitation of other people’s technical solutions is the highest form of flattery, any reproduction of them, of course, must comply with FIA rules on “reverse engineering”.

However, if there has been the use of someone else’s intellectual property, it should definitely be classified as a violation of the rules and cause serious concern. “

“If you instruct your team to create a very similar clone of our car, it’s a very entertaining story,” said Christian Horner, team leader at Milton Keynes. – Of course, in the winter, a few people (formerly Red Bull Racing) changed jobs, and you can’t control what they took in their heads.

But if any intellectual property falls into the wrong hands, it is a matter of great concern. “

An Aston Martin spokesman confirmed that they had provided FIA technicians with detailed information on upgrading the car. They analyzed the data obtained, as well as studied the processes we used in developing these updates, and confirmed that all this is the result of independent work, which was carried out on a legal basis in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations.

Judging by the reaction of the Red Bull leadership, we can assume that there will be new protests.

In particular, Helmut Marco, a motorsport consultant for the Austrian company, told Sky Deutschland: “We need to understand how this incredibly accurate copy was created. Copying itself is not forbidden, but we must take into account that we have been persuaded by seven employees that Dan Fellows, our former head of the aerodynamics department, moved to Aston Martin for a disproportionately high salary.

We continue to analyze certain facts. There is evidence that our information was copied. Is it possible to create such a detailed copy of our car without documentation? .. “


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