Maria Shukshina’s son divorced his wife and abandoned the child

In the fall of 2019, Maria Shukshina’s son Makar Kasatkin married Ilona Alexandrova. Girl beautician by profession. But, despite the lack of star status, she immediately won the sympathy of the Shukshins. And no wonder, because she easily turned a blind eye to the past of the chosen one (in 2018, Kasatkin’s ex-girlfriend Freya Zilber gave him a son Mark. But Makar long refused to paternity – StarHita comment).

After the wedding, Ilona sometimes shared her personal on social networks. For example, she published photos of culinary masterpieces prepared for her husband, or simply confessed her love for him. But most often the brunette published a video with Makar’s three-year-old son Mark. He will share with his subscribers how he sings a song to the baby before going to bed, then he will show how he is fooling around with him on the playground. And in all the videos she affectionately calls the boy – Markusha. Sometimes it even seemed that Ilona had replaced his mother.

But over time, Ilona’s family content became less on social media. And at the end of last year, the girl announced that 2021 has become difficult for her, she releases her grievances and starts living again. The other day StarHit asked Ilona a question about what happened then, and where did the idyll with Makar and Mark suddenly disappear?

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“Markushi is not on my social networks at all because we broke up with his dad,” Alexandrova told StarHit. “We broke up 10 months ago.”

The former Makara abandoned her young son a long time ago, and Maria Shukshina has been taking care of him ever since

The former Makara abandoned her young son a long time ago, and Maria Shukshina has been taking care of him ever since

There may be few meetings with Mark now, but Makar’s ex-girlfriend cherishes them. The girl is very worried about the fate of the boy. “I communicate with Markusha, I go to him,” Ilona continues. – He lives with a nanny, his father does not want to talk to him. Unfortunately, the child was unlucky with neither the biological mother nor the father. The kid is not guilty of anything! This is a child who wants caresses and that mom and dad are around. But alas, so far so good. Mark is an extraordinary toad. He is special, fair, sincere and kind. I love him like my son. “

After parting ways with Makar, Ilona engaged in self-development. The girl admits that in her marriage to her son Shukshina she lost herself for some reason. “I was not happy in that relationship. I completely abandoned myself. Now everything is different: now I am happy, and there I only got tired in four years… What am I doing today? Sports, work, charity. I’m a volunteer! I go to orphanages, help kids. I try to always be positive and not blame anyone. Everything turned out as it should, my conscience is clear, “Alexandrova summed up.

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