Marvel’s “Moon Knight” – first impressions and a bit of context

On March 30, Disney Plus released the first episode of the series starring Oscar Isaac. We have already appreciated the connection and share our impressions.

  • This is the first time that Marvel Studios has fully launched a new character on television. All previous series of the company were dedicated to the already famous heroes of the film universe. At the same time, Kevin Feigi promised that the Moon Knight will appear in future MCU films.
  • To write that this is “the most unusual Marvel series” is already a bad tone, and you can’t say the same about “Knight”. This a fairly standard mix of action and humor for the studio with light horror elements.
  • You can’t blame Marvel for its timidity this time. “Knight” walks on two sharp edges at once. On the one hand, screenwriters need to adequately demonstrate the dissociative identity disorder that the protagonist suffers from (comics often failed to do so, calling it simply “madness” or “schizophrenia”), and on the other hand, to treat Egyptian culture carefully (including for this was invited by the director Muhammad Diab, who recently criticized “Wonder Woman 1984” for the stereotypical image of his homeland).
  • The Moon Knight is often described as “if Batman had a personality disorder». This is only partly so: yes, he also fights crime in a cloak, but he does not hide in the shadows – on the contrary, he walks in white clothes to be seen and feared.
  • The first episode of the series is reminiscent not “Fight Club” or “Split”, but suddenly comedy “Knight of the Day” with Tom Cruise. In it, the story was built in excerpts – the heroine Cameron Diaz periodically fell asleep and woke up in the most insane situations. The same story with “Knight”. The story is told by a souvenir seller at a museum in London who thinks he suffers from sleepwalking. The authors of the series leave other personalities behind the scenes, getting a comic effect – Isaac in terror runs away from enemies, but periodically turns off, giving his body to more capable alter egos.
  • As expected from the trailers, Marvel has strongly rewritten the canon. For example, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) was transformed from a mad scientist into a cultist – in the first series he plays the role of an antagonist. And Stephen Grant (the protagonist’s personality) is a millionaire in the comics, not a museum clerk. At the same time, mercenary Mark Spector, who, in theory, should be the main version of the character, is still marked only behind the scenes. According to official posters, there will be three Knight personalities in the series, not four.
  • “Moon Knight” so far completely ignores the events in the global MCUbut jokingly introduces into the canon of Marvel cartoon series “Avatar” and the film of the same name by James Cameron.

Summarizing the impressions

In the first 45 minutes, “Knight” confidently holds the category Marvel is better (“Vandavizhen”, “Loki”) than Marvel is worse (“Falcon and the Winter Soldier”). However, all this thanks to the amazing play of Oscar Isaac – this show is sure to be another step forward for his career. Especially since in subsequent episodes, he will embody several personalities on the screen.

Like other Marvel series, “Knight” suffers slightly from poor graphics (by the standards of big movies, not TV) – the most spectacular chase looks very artificial, but abounds in outdoor photography – including in central London, which undoubtedly colors picture.

If you miss the movies in the series “Mummy”, then try “Knight” is definitely: there are Egyptian monsters, and the Egyptian gods in the flesh, which gives the event a certain charm.

There are only six episodes in the first season, and the finale will be released on Disney Plus on May 4.

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