Mask show: who is hiding in the costumes of Donut, Amanita and Capricorn?

14:53, 03.04.2022

The editorial office of Around TV shares its versions.

The most popular entertainment show has come to its equator. Of the 14 original masks, six have already dropped out. We will remind, the program left Roman Kostomarov(Dog), Albina Janabaeva(Peacock), Nonna Grishaeva(Horse), Navai Bakirov(The Joker), Natalia Podolskaya(Octopus) and Marie Kraimbreri (Leopard). Today the audience says goodbye to another contestant. The longer the project lasts, the more speculation is born about who is taking part in it. After all, the masks themselves desperately hint at this to both the audience and the jury. Or maybe they are still confused?

One of the main intrigues of the project is the mask Donut. Let us remind you that this is the favorite of the chairman of the jury Philip Kirkorov, his “crash” – and not only because this appetizing pink round cake before each of his performances brings a tray of confectionery for sweet tooth Philip, but because it surprises vocals. In one of his performances, Donut sang a touching song from the repertoire of Nino Katamadze in Georgian, in the last issue – in French, and, according to the teacher of this language, a member of the jury Timur Rodriguez – in good French. Donut admitted that he did not know the language, but short-lived in Paris contributed to the correct pronunciation. We analyzed all the tips of this talented mask and came to the conclusion that the charming Irina Ponarovskaya is hiding under it.

Anubis and host of the show “Mask” Vyacheslav Makarov

First of all, the most elegant singer of our stage really lived for some time in the capital of France – she went there after her favorite – a famous doctor Dmitry Pushkar, with whom she was briefly married. Secondly, Irina also knows how to pronounce Georgian words, because she had a vivid affair with Soso Pavliashvili. Third, Ponchik hinted at a jazz vocal school, and Ponarovskaya, having moved from her native Leningrad to Moscow, was a soloist in a jazz orchestra for two years. Oleg Lundström. Fourth, Irina is full of incredible generosity and intelligence in communication, and her sweet gifts to the jury are not a bribe, but just a good upbringing and a desire to please. And finally, fifthly, for all her softness, Irina knows her worth, and when someone on the jury suggested that the soloist of “Silver” was hiding under a mask, Donut said that he was not silver, but gold. Among other things, Irina’s singing style can be guessed in the vocals of this mask. And to play on the contrast, to wear a shapeless costume as the most stylish artist in the country – it’s pretty witty.

Capricorn in the show “Mask”

About CapricornIt seems that everyone has already come to a consensus: Nikita Peesnyakov is hiding in a suit. Growth, stature, incredibly powerful, full vocals, good range… Nikita has already surprised with his talent and ability to transform into the show “Two Stars”. At first we assumed that this mask was ideal for Alexei Chumakov, who proved his parody talent in the program. However, Capricorn’s manner of communication is not Chumakov’s at all: Alexei likes to sharpen and improvise in conversation, and Capricorn is a clear introvert, he is reticent, shy and not inclined to joke.

Amanita in the show “Mask”

Jury members see Evgeny Dyatlov in the mask of Amanita and the Dragon. This talented person, who owns various musical instruments, has a luxurious voice, a textured film actor, a great boxer, can be the decoration of any TV project. Philip Kirkorov, who looked at his photo in the last issue, could not help but say: “What a handsome man… With a hole in his chin… Such women like.” Timur Rodriguez corrected his colleague that the “hole in the chin” is called a “dimple”, but in fact it does not change – the richly gifted handsome man really likes women. Valeria noticed that Dyatlov had his own loyal audience and that he even gave concerts in the Tchaikovsky Hall, where not everyone was allowed. So we agree with the singer: under a mask Amanita Eugene is hiding. And here Dragonwho sang in an opera voice, may well be a soloist at the Bolshoi Theater Elchin Azizov.

Jury members of the show “Mask”

Chief costume and vocal expert Bees – Philip Kirkorov. He believes that under the mask, which allows itself quite frivolous gestures, poses and even gait, hides a “living life of a bee”, a woman “unbridled”, unmarried and clearly in search. According to the chairman of the jury, this description is suitable for Lada Dance, with whom Philip had an affair thirty years ago, the details of which he shares in each program. Lada can sing both pop and opera, which she has repeatedly demonstrated on the TV show “The Phantom of the Opera”, and we will probably agree here with Philip. Here we are only worried about Kirkorov: in several programs he promised to marry Donut, and recently with a nostalgic gleam in his eyes threatens to revive the relationship with Lada. How will he combine everything?

Bee in the show “Mask”

Under the mask Anubisand a short man with interesting vocals is hiding. Valeria hears Maniza. Maybe she’s right. And here’s what concerns Babywe are almost certain that this versatile, humorous, very agile and talkative participant is a great musician Alexei Vorobiev.

If our assumptions are confirmed, let’s watch it together.

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