“Match TV” interrupted the broadcast of the German championship game – banners in support of Ukraine were aired

During another match, footage from the stands was included, when slogans related to Ukraine appeared on banners.

TV channel “Match! Football 3 “interrupted the broadcast of the game” Borussia “-” RB Leipzig “in the 13th minute, according to Journalist Dmitry Nizovtsev published recording of the fragment after which the broadcast was stopped.

The host of the broadcast, Igor Kytmanov, said: “Unfortunately, we have to interrupt and interrupt our broadcast for reasons beyond our control. Because, as is commonly believed, football is out of politics, but in the German Bundesliga, alas, this rule is not always observed. What exactly was the reason for interrupting the broadcast is unknown. The channel did not comment on the situation.

Initially, users of social networks did not understand for what reason interrupted the broadcast. Later, they noticed that slogans in support of Ukraine appeared on billboards, and suggested that they were the reason for the termination of the broadcast.

The answer to the publication @ezeehheeze

But (on the boards in the upper left corner), apparently, is the real reason for the failure of the broadcast. On a paid, I note, channel! That is, for which people paid to watch.

On the 12th minute of the match Borussia – RB Leipzig, the commentator of the Russian Match TV announced that the broadcast “is stopped for political reasons.” It has not been restored. The political reasons look like this:

According to Mediazona, during the match Freiburg – Bayern Munich (Match! Football 3 “included footage from the stands when slogans related to Ukraine appeared on billboards.

Moment with switching frames in the broadcast

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