Medvedev is offered to renounce Russia for the sake of Wimbledon. A humiliating ultimatum from the British

The tennis player will not be admitted to the Grand Slam tournament unless he condemns his country’s policy. Was neutrality not enough?

Pressure on Russian athletes from the international community has reached unprecedented proportions, but Britain appears to be about to break into the leaders of the covert “Down with the Russians” competition.

Local authorities have imposed new restrictions on tournaments held on English soil, including Wimbledon. And now their demands have exceeded all permissible limits.

Daniil Medvedev was first banned from performing under the national flag, but now he is being forced to renounce Russia altogether. Will they ever stop?

Anti-Russian neutrality

According to the British newspapers The Sun and Mirror, the British sports authorities have prepared a new package of sanctions for Russia’s representatives. The updated requirements are being discussed primarily in the context of the upcoming Wimbledon tournament, which will be attended by several major Russian tennis players, including, of course, Daniil Medvedev.

The International Tennis Federation has already imposed significant restrictions on our athletes: they can only compete in international competitions under a neutral flag. Medvedev was even forced to remove the tricolor from his profile on social networks – the player had to completely abandon the association with his native country to continue his career. However, these measures did not seem to be sufficient for British politicians.

Daniil Medvedev / Photo: © Tim Ireland / XinHua / Global Look Press

British Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston has said that Russian athletes now need to prove that their neutrality is “sincere”. That is, by and large, just to abandon neutrality – and to take a certain political position.

Declaration of renunciation

According to Huddleston, before participating in the English tournaments, the Russians will have to sign several documents that will clarify their point of view. Namely, to confirm that, firstly, they do not receive money from the Russian Federation, and, secondly, they do not support Russia’s policy.

– If they want to participate in our tournaments, they must be independent and neutral – and, sincerely. We want to make sure that they will not make comments in support of Russia or Belarus, – quotes the Minister of Sky Sport.

If the British did not have enough that the Russians agreed to perform without a flag, will they have enough written declarations? Maybe, having received the cherished signatures, the British will begin to conduct tests for our athletes with a lie detector or arrange friendly trials?

The example of Nikita Mazepin has already shown that even a written renunciation of nationality does not guarantee anything to Russian athletes. The racer signed a similar paper to participate in “Formula 1”, but immediately after that he was simply expelled from the team, putting in a humiliating position. No wonder Huddleston clarified that in the end the Russians can be expelled from any English tournament in the same way:

“If some sports organizations decide to ban Russians directly, we will support such a step,” the politician said.

In other words, whatever choice Medvedev makes, it is likely that he will not get to Wimbledon in any case. But with a similar attitude to himself, Danya soon, probably, will not want to fly to any England. After all, the paper he is forced to sign can do the tennis player far more harm than a Wimbledon pass. But British officials, of course, think about it last.


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