melodrama “Nobody Knows” with Eugenia Brick about the crisis of 40 years

Kirill Safonov, Evgenia Brik, Alexander Robak, Yuri Bykov, Victoria Isakova in the series by Alena Zvantsova

God knows why Channel One shoots the series and then hides them in a chest until better times. The series “Nobody Knows”, filmed under the working title “Children”, was presented at the festival “Pilot” in 2019, in the frame in general flashes dokovidnoy Moscow model football summer 2018. But we decided to show it only now, when we get some TV series out of the chest – it’s not time: the mass audience is tightly hooked on the game of socio-political talk shows and refuses to return to the previous channel of viewing.

Jana Sexte in the series “Nobody Knows”. Photo: frame from the movie

Be that as it may, we are trying to connect the incompatible: the director Alena Zvantsova, who once shot the excellent “Particle of the Universe”, tries to cross the plot of the average “soap” for prime time with quality drama about the meaning of life. In the series, non-standard for the evening series of the big channel cast. If Kirill Safonov is happy with any melodrama, and Eugenia Brick is always relevant in it (alas, this is the last role for the viewer of the suddenly deceased actress), then Victoria Isakova and Jana Sexte – This is a signal that not everything is so simple. And the director Yuri Bykov (“Fool”, “Method-1”) in one of the main roles – and a bold experiment (I must say, very successful).

Yuri Bykov and Victoria Isakova in the series “Nobody Knows”. Photo: frame from the movie

So, a few long-time friends of about forty, successfully satisfying the lower layers of the pyramid of needs (career, real estate, status, family, etc), all as one vaguely have if not one, then another. The restaurateur Mitya (Yuri Bykov), who did not study to be a cameraman at VGIK, can no longer help noticing that his wife-actress Nika (Victoria Isakova), whom he took with his two children, does not like him at all, but only perceives it as a convenient thing. Nick is obsessed with the profession and spits on everyone, including his children. Musician Herman (Oleg Yagodin, who is actually also a musician, in the series he sings his own songs with the band “Kurara”) is tired of everything so much that he is ready to go to the monastery, and while silently contemplating the disgusting world. Yule (Jana Sekste) thinks that her life has turned out wrong and not in a way that makes her pay back for her teenage daughter (Arina Altynova), pushing her to the edge of the roof – her husband nicknamed Hrundel (Alexander Robak) cheerful and cheerful, but also for a while.

Kirill Safonov and Evgenia Brik in the series “Nobody Knows”. Photo: frame from the movie

Finally, a senior official of the Moscow City Hall Igor (Kirill Safonov) learns that he has three years to live – his heart, but he does not tell his wife Dasha (Eugene Brick), but only offers her to have a child urgently, citing the fact that the grandmother is fertile life is short. The couple has no children due to Igor’s infertility and he offers IVF using the genetic material of one of their friends – they are successful, proven people, and then in this bank of semen slip the bride what. The main thing is that Dasha herself agreed with the donor, and did not tell Igor. This is the weakest point in the script (Alena Zvantsova herself wrote it), which subverts the idea to the level of melodramas of the lowest quality, but provides a sharp development of the plot. Igor seems to be glad that his plan works, but between him and his wife there is already an unspoken thing that can destroy everything – and not only in their relationship. For Igor, every meeting with friends is an attempt to guess which of them, at the request of his wife, was alone in the medical office with a glass (sorry).

In the series, non-standard for the evening series of the big channel cast. Photo: frame from the movie

“Nobody Knows” is a drama about the midlife crisis, balancing on the brink of triviality. She is kept from falling into this abyss by the vitality of the bitter thoughts of the characters – and who at the same age did not think about the same thing; and no one, of course, wants to grow old, but will have to; and the persuasiveness of the ensemble of actors. This is not surprising: every actor has something to say about it all without directing instructions.

“Nobody Knows” is a drama about the midlife crisis, balancing on the brink of triviality. Photo: frame from the movie

The working title of the project clearly hints that the children here are adults who are able to grow up fully only after realizing the finiteness of existence. The upcoming conclusions of the heroes shine with a crystal tear already on the results of the first two series: first, you should not lie to yourself or to your loved ones – it would be good to know about it by forty. And secondly, where without “when I’m gone, I’ll sing the voices of my children and the voices of their children,” as Basta sang comrades in a banal, but such a soulful song. All the upcoming details: whether Igor will meet with the donor or not, who will sleep with whom and how he will experience later, etc. – just story crutches for more entertainment.

For Eugenia Brick, the role in the series “Nobody Knows” was the last. Photo: frame from the movie

The series spoils the general background a bit – a full, serene, even pre-life. It’s harder to put yourself on it now – such an atmosphere is perceived as a fantasy, which turns into a slight irritation: and why don’t you live in peace, but ?! If you only knew what you would have to think about soon, if you only knew. Certainly less would lie to each other.

“No one will know.” Melodrama, 8 series.

Director and screenwriter Alena Zvantsova.

Cast: Kirill Safonov, Yuri Bykov, Evgenia Brik, Vitaly Kovalenko, Alexander Robak, Yana Sexte, Victoria Isakova and others.

Where to watch: Channel One, from April 4.


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