Metallurg beat Avangard in the fifth match and led 3-2 in the series, video, goals, match review

The playoff series in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference between Avangard and Metallurg turns out to be luxurious. It has everything: a large number of abandoned puck, controversial episodes, emotions, nerves. All that is so necessary for games with such signs.

After the first two matches in Magnitogorsk, when the hosts conceded first eight and then seven goals, someone thought that the team of Ilya Vorobyov did not shine. But these people were wrong, because in Balashikha we saw a completely different “Metallurgist”. And already the “hawks” had to take out of their goal five goals per meeting. If in the first two matches the Ural goalkeeper Vasily Koshechkin played unsuccessfully, in the other two matches the Czech Shimon Grubets from “Avangard” got nervous and started making mistakes.

“Magnitka” caught up with “Avangard”. The referees prevented a mass brawl and canceled three goals

Of course, Omsk was affected by three canceled goals in the fourth game, but here everything was absolutely in order, which is clearly seen from the repetitions of each individual moment.

A very interesting series between Metallurg and Avangard, I hope it will continue. Will there be seven matches? Let’s play the fifth at least, why wait for the seventh now. Let’s go from match to match. And so, why not? As for the three canceled goals of “Avangard” in the last match, then, although I support Omsk, everything was clear: “out of the game” and hit Koshechkin in the shield. No matter how much Omsk players wanted to count these goals, the rival’s coaches worked great. “Magnitka” added, stopped pushing, began to play. For some reason, they wanted to clash with Avangard, but it is useless to do so with Omsk residents. There are physically strong guys there, ”said Maxim Sushinsky, a well-known Avangard striker and former president of Omsk.

In the fifth meeting, Korobkin, Pashnin and Minulin were not included in Metallurg’s application. They were replaced by Khabarov, Hultström and Koshelev. There are a lot of questions for the Swede in the course of the series, not just because the coaching staff sent Linus to the reserve. Grubets has reappeared at the gates of Omsk, Canadian Hartley is not ready to bet on Demchenko.

Today’s match started about where the previous one ended – with an explosion of emotions. Nikolai Prokhorkin harshly met Semyon Koshelev in the center of the field – the striker of “Magnitka” hardly got up from the ice. The judges did not see any violations of the rules at that moment, which caused Ilya Vorobyov’s indignation – the home team’s coach even jumped on the bench and began to call on the stands to express his dissatisfaction with him.


However, Koshelev escaped without injury, and a minute later “Magnitka” had a reason for positive emotions. Andrei Chibisov took possession of the puck after throwing into the attack zone, detached from Alexei Emelin and threw at random from a negative angle. And it flew in! Although it is worth noting that in this playoff we have already seen such curious puck.

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At the equator of the period, the hosts had a chance to realize the majority, which in this series is a significant help for them, but instead they almost missed – Leipzik missed the puck on the blue line, Semyonov and Tseglarik ran away in counterattack, but Koshechkin did not allow to hit his goal.

The rights to the video belong to KHL LLC. You can watch the video on the KHL website.

Under the curtain of the period, “Vanguard” still won back – a weak throw by Alexei Bereglazov through the traffic broke Koshechkin and restored parity in the score.

The second period was rich in removals, but not goals. Moreover, both teams performed much better in the minority – they not only defended confidently, but also managed to make forays into other people’s gates. Two minutes in the format of “five for four” performed by “Magnitka” in the middle of the period and looked depressing, but the next majority worked, so that no match of this series so far is not without the implementation of excess. Bruckwin went to the penalty spot after stopping Dronov’s break in the center in violation of the rules, and 30 seconds later Maya fired from the throw-in circle, meeting no resistance from the defenders.

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In the third period, Nikita Soshnikov received a “5 + 20” for attacking Pavel Akolzin in the head, especially since the striker at that time no longer owned the puck. This moment may well be one of the key in the series, “Metallurg” was obliged to seize the chance to actually decide the fate of the match. And although almost five minutes of play left much to be desired (the most dangerous moment was created by Tseglarik in the minority), but in the end Josh Curry worked on finishing after Chibisov’s throw, and “Magnitka” took full control of the match.

The rights to the video belong to KHL LLC. You can watch the video on the KHL website.

A few minutes later, Brendan Leipsik first earned a shot for himself, and then brilliantly implemented it. Omsk immediately had a small chance to impose a fight when Korostelev grabbed two minutes, but even a hint of a fight did not work. “Metallurg” still looks more powerful, and Omsk, it seems, is already running out of energy (hence, by the way, many of their removals).

In the last minutes, the teams exchanged goals – Korostelev scored in the empty, and “Vanguard” punched Nalimov, who again ended the game instead of Koshechkin. “Metallurg” played no joke and after 0-2 took the third match in a row. They have to take one step before the final of the East, and now they have all the trump cards.

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