Metallurg – Traktor: predictions and bets for the playoffs of the 1/2 Gagarin Cup on April 3, odds of bookmakers, where to watch the KHL, what time to start – April 2, 2022

The first match of the series of the third round of the Continental Hockey League playoffs between Metallurg and Traktor will take place on April 3 in Chelyabinsk.

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When will the match “Metallurg” – “Tractor” start, and where to watch the match

The first match of the Metallurg-Traktor series will take place on April 3 and will start at 15:00 Moscow time. You can watch the game live on Match TV.

Bookmakers odds for the match “Metallurg” – “Tractor”

BETCITY analysts are inclined to Metallurg’s victory in the first match. On the success of “Magnitka” in the main time it is proposed to bet for 2.30which is 42% probability. Metallurg’s victory is estimated by the coefficient 2.55 (37% probability), and a draw – for 4.50 (21% probability).

Experts are sure that teams for two will throw more than 4 goals. The total number of goals is set at 4.5 with quotes 1.70 for more and 2.16 for less. You can make a forecast for Metallurg – Traktor with a bonus for new players – take a freebie up to 10,000 rubles right now!

Yuri Kuzmin,

Before the match

In the spring of 2022, Magnitka has already rewritten the history of the Gagarin Cup draws. The mistake with the current winner of the trophy Omsk “Vanguard”, which happened in the second round, helped. Yes, there are not many left of the champion team of the “hawks”, and in the course of the current playoffs the Finnish leaders Oliver Kaski and Ville Pokka left the team, but this did not prevent Omsk residents from near Moscow to fight the winner of the regular season. “Metallurg” accepted the fight and endured it with honor – first did not swim after defeats with a score of 1: 8 and 5: 7, then took three matches in a row, but at the decisive moment managed to rebuild and with the help of brilliant Vasily Koshechkin finished the opponent. Along the way, the Urals proved that in modern hockey you can win brightly and beautifully, and not just strictly and organized. No wonder the teams worked together to break the KHL record for the effectiveness of a single series.

“The series is unique, it’s a great advertisement for the league. Probably the audience liked it. Thankful to the guys, Vasya Koshechkin gave a fantastic match. He told the guys that beating the champion team is expensive. And we did it. Cat Game? You know, in the years when we won, we then watched how many shots were fired by Lev, then CSKA. There were under 60 shots. And he coped with everything. Vasya is a play-off fighter, what can I say. These two Gagarin Cups in Magnitogorsk are Vasina’s. “ – After passing to the third round, the head coach of “Magnitka” Ilya Vorobiev was very pleased.

Maxim Shmakov,

And what about “Tractor”? Before the start of the playoffs, we predicted that the Chelyabinsk team would win the main KHL trophy, but after completing most of the cup series, it is worth admitting that So far, Anvar Gatiyatulin’s team does not particularly justify these advances. Even in the first confrontation against the seventh team of the conference of Nizhnekamsk “Neftekhimik” Tankograd guys had some problems – they had to change the course of unsuccessful meetings, and therefore the final 4-0 should not be misleading, no “one-way” game did not go.

What to say about the duel with “Salavat”! It would seem, well, how can a team that has lost all foreign leaders, on an equal footing, fight one of the main favorites of the playoffs? But Ufa was able – she led twice in the series and did not give up until the final siren of the sixth match. It is obvious that neither in the first nor in the second series “Tractor” has shown a significant part of its potential – especially the attacker. Gatiyatulin has a lot of cool forwards at his disposal, but either they lack freedom in coaching schemes, or there are some other problems.

Yaroslav Neelov,

Prediction for the match “Metallurg” – “Tractor”

It is obvious that the Tractor headquarters will not deviate from its strict system and there is a high probability that it will eventually yield results. But in the first game the Chelyabinsk team will not be able to contain the courageous attack of “Magnitka”, emotions mean too much to Goldobin, Korostelev and company.

Our forecast for the first match of the series “Metallurg” – “Tractor”: the individual total of goals of “Metallurg” is more than 2.5, the ratio – 1.97.

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