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In the seventh match of the 1/2 series of the East, Metallurg Mg will host Avangard. The game will take place at the Metallurg Arena on March 30. The meeting starts at 19:30 Moscow time. Metallurg Mg – Avangard: forecastrate, odds, statistics.

“Metallurgist” Mg

At the beginning of the semifinal series, “Magnitka” saw all its problems in defense. With the home crowd, the team suffered two defeats, conceding a total of 15 goals – 1: 8, 5: 7.

But after two humiliating results, the “steelmakers” managed to answer the “Vanguard” with dignity three times in a row. In Balashikha, a couple of fights ended in major victories “Metallurgist” Mg – 5: 2, 5: 1.

Five teams Ilya Vorobyov threw Omsk and in the meeting on March 26 – 5: 2. But in the game, which could decide the outcome of the series, the “foxes” themselves received a full grid – 1: 5.

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In the quarterfinals of the conference, Metallurg Mg played five matches against Barys – 4: 1. And in the regular season, “Magnitka” played 48 matches and was the first in the East with 71 points.


In a series with the leaders of the conference, Avangard shone with two cool victories at the start – 8: 1, 7: 5, after which he slowed down and suffered three defeats in a row. In each game, five goals were scored in Omsk’s net.

Two sad matches “Vanguard” spent in Balashikha. In the first home match, he opened the scoring, but later swam and was defeated – 2: 5. Having made 29 shots on target, the “hawks” realized only 6.9% of the moments.

Even worse in terms of team performance Bob Hartley held the fourth match – 1: 5, and the next trip to Magnitogorsk also ended in humiliation – 2: 5. In the game on March 28, Omsk showed the top realization – 16.13% and deservedly won – 5: 1.

In the quarterfinals of the Gagarin Cup, “Avangard” had six fights with “Ak Bars” – 4: 2. In the regular season Omsk participated in 47 matches and took 58 points. In the Eastern Conference table, they finished fifth.


In the decisive match, the victory of “Metallurg” Mg is estimated at 2.30on a draw bookmakers give odds 4.18and for the victory of “Vanguard” – 2.75.


It seemed that “Vanguard” in this confrontation has already expired, but in a match that could knock out of the playoffs, he scored a major victory. In the seventh match, it is difficult to predict the strongest, but traditionally their mix should break the total “more”.


This series will be the most productive in the history of the Gagarin Cup. To date, the team has scored 47 goals, and one puck is not enough for the record. In the seventh match, the opponents will once again shine with a bright game and put a full stop to the goal. Ours forecast and rate – total more than 5.5 for 1.97.

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