Mikhail Efremov has recovered in the colony, reads a lot and sews: “Misha calls from the detachment once a week. He is calm and patient! ”

Mikhail Efremov with his wife Sofia. The wife visits the actor in the colony.


58-year-old actor Mikhail Efremov is serving a sentence for a fatal accident in a colony near Belgorod. The sentence of the court – 8 years in a penal colony, after the appeal – 7, 5 years. Mikhail Olegovich has been in the colony for 1 year and 4 months. Relatives and friends write handwritten letters to Efremov, send messages through the FSIN system by e-mail – their actor prints. But Mikhail Efremov also calls his wife, children and sister.

The artist’s sister Anastasia Efremova said that the last time she talked to Mikhail was in early March. Efremova shared the news about her Misha (as my sister calls the artist since childhood) in the program “Stars have met”: “He called me the day before yesterday. Calls about once a week. We need to understand that he is calling from the detachment, from the city phone, so we have intermittent conversations. In this situation, I am even calmer that he is there – he will be better. He is calm, calm, he is a very strong man. Ephraim’s rod will not let him break. Works – inserts zippered locks for medical overalls. He reads a lot. ” Some fans of Efremov also stressed that a short stay in the colony could have a positive effect on Mikhail – he will give up alcohol, there will be time to survive and reflect on the consequences of the tragic accident and more.

While his brother is in prison, his sister Anastasia is fighting for 20 acres of land near Moscow – for the ancestral nest of the Efremovs. Young Mikhail and his ex-wife Evgenia Dobrovolskaya once lived here in an annex – in a wooden house, Nikita Efremov’s childhood years were spent here. This house was built for eight years by Nastya and Mikhail’s father, People’s Artist of the USSR Oleg Efremov – here is a small family museum. Anastasia Efremova said that she could not register the land in any way: “I moved to this house 35 years ago. Oleg Efremov was a member-shareholder of DSC “Chaika” and the “structure” was assigned to him according to the documents. In 2000, my father died, and Misha and I began to understand the legacy. Misha got an apartment, and this house is quite fair to me, because I was finishing it, I lived there. I received a paper from a notary that the house belongs to me. ” Efremova owns a house, but 20 acres of land – no, they are on a cooperative. And people from their country settlement five years ago registered the sites in the property, and Efremova submitted documents – but didn’t receive the answer though all documents at it are in order. Now the issue with the land is being resolved – Anastasia is worried that according to the documents, the plot never belonged to the Efremov family. However, the lawyer assured that there would be no problems: “The land should be demarcated and registered as property.”

The ancestral home of the Efremov family near Moscow is a house owned by the artist's sister, and there is no land yet.  Photo - NTV frame.

The ancestral home of the Efremov family near Moscow is a house owned by the artist’s sister, and there is no land yet. Photo – NTV frame.

Anastasia’s brother did not worry about “land problems” – she talks about her family, mutual friends and acquaintances. Mikhail Efremov did not have a sister in the colony. His wife Sofia goes on a date to the actor: with home-made treats and Mikhail’s favorite dishes. The actor does not complain about food and living conditions. In addition, there is a paid buffet on the territory of the colony. Friends of Mikhail Efremov say that the actor has gained weight – gained a few pounds.


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