Mikhail Efremov spoke about the special operation in Ukraine

By the way, let us remind you that Efremov is serving his sentence in the Belgorod region, which was recently attacked by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

– Pyotr Alexandrovich, please tell us what the complaint, which you filed with the Supreme Court at the end of March, says.

– It is only a question of reducing the punishment.

– As far as we know, earlier you asked to consider the question – whether the victim was fastened at the time of the accident (Truck driver Sergei Zakharov, who died after a collision with Efremov’s car – ed.). Did you start using this strong argument in your new complaint?

– Nothing is said about seat belts, which we mentioned in previous complaints. I have a written instruction from my client, Mikhail Efremov, not to raise this issue again. He does not think it is necessary. “It’s my fault, so it doesn’t matter much to me anymore,” he said.

– Then at the expense of what you will ask to reduce punishment?

– The complaint explains in sufficient detail how Mikhail Olegovich is serving his sentence, namely – he has a large number of thanks, encouragements, letters and no comments.

To date, he has spent almost 22 months in detention, including about 15 months in colony №4. He has not received any comments in 15 months. In addition, Mikhail Efremov has poor health and three dependent minor children.

The complaint is based on mitigating circumstances, because the term of 7.5 years is excessive. Mikhail Efremov is a record holder in Russia in terms of the length of time for a traffic crime. Let’s see how the Sun will look at it.

Now the complaint is in progress, the case is demanded in the Supreme Court. In the near future it will become clear – we will either be denied or brought to the presidium of the RF Armed Forces.

– Last time famous musicians, artists, directors who supported Efremov applied to the court… This time the letter will be?

– Yes, it will. The letter was again signed by 28 people – the whole color of Russian art and culture. Last time this letter was not accepted because the signatures were not notarized… But the same Konstantin Khabensky, Yuri Bashmet hoped that their appeal would work. Now all signatures are notarized.

– Will your principal apply for parole?

– With UDO everything is not so simple. UDO requires ideal behavior in all aspects – compliance with the regime, participation in public life, 100% absence of any penalties. One penalty for, say, a cigarette smoked in the wrong place can cut off all the way to parole. Moreover, the administration of the colony must apply to the court, so not everything depends on Mikhail Olegovich. With his ideal behavior, he can only promote the application of UDO to him.

– When can Mikhail petition the colony for UDO?

– If the Supreme Court does not reduce the sentence now, it will be able to ask for UDO at the end of December 2022. But the UDO procedure can be started only after serving a third of the sentence, and it does not pass in one day.

– In what court can the petition of the colony for UDO be considered?

– It is considered by the court on territoriality – where the colony is located. In this case it is the Alekseevsky district court of the Belgorod region.

– You said that Mikhail Efremov even has diplomas – for what achievements? And in general, are you happy with his behavior in the colony?

– I know that Mikhail Olegovich received a diploma from the Metropolitan of Belgorod. Mikhail is a believer, apparently, a diploma for activities in this direction.

And most importantly, Mikhail Efremov was the director, screenwriter and cameraman of the film, created for the 200th anniversary of Fyodor Dostoevsky. The short film-performance based on the novel “Crime and Punishment”, in which prisoners read monologues, first took first place in the competition of the Belgorod UFSIN, and then in the Federal competition. Here, I think, the word “satisfied” can be applied to the staff of the colony. They were pleased that the prisoner serving their sentence had created a work that won first prize at the All-Russian FSIN Competition.

– There is also Article 80 of the Criminal Code “Replacement of the unserved part of the sentence with a milder type of punishment.” Can this article be applied to Efremov’s case? If so, when?

– Indeed, there is such a measure as replacing the unserved part with a milder punishment, such as forced labor. This is also release from custody, but the person continues to serve his sentence, unlike UDO. Replacement with a milder sentence may be applied after serving a quarter of the sentence. Mikhail Olegovich has this quarter at the end of May this year.

– What is the moral condition of Mikhail Efremov?

– He can not abstract from the consequences of this accident. Mikhail Olegovich repeatedly said that he could not sleep normally, he dreamed of the events of that night.

In general, he holds himself in his hands, does not dissolve. He repeats every time: “When I leave, I will help the family of the deceased.” It is necessary for Mikhail Olegovich to be released, because he does not earn money. And the small savings have already been spent, because the family is large. Sofia Nikolaevna works from morning till late in the evening – they have three minor children. One of them, Boris, is seriously ill.


– Yes. He has terrible seizures. Sometimes, I try to contact Sofia Nikolaevna, she does not pick up the phone, then calls back “Peter Alexandrovich, sorry, Borya was taken out of the attack.”

– Mikhail Olegovich’s health is not the strongest either, is it?

– Allergies, asthma did not go away, all with him. But this is a man who does not complain. “Misha, how are you?” “Nothing, everything is fine” – his usual answer. I have repeatedly said that he is a real man.

– What about the conditions of detention?

– It depends on the character of the person. I always say and repeat, the colony is not a sanatorium, although the conditions there are acceptable. However, there is an early rise, the strictest regime, everything is painted in minutes. Until a certain moment, Mikhail Olegovich could not move on his own, only accompanied by an employee of the colony. Now the situation has changed, and this is a relaxation in the regime he deserved.

– They said that Efremov lost a lot of weight?

– I lost weight, but did not lose weight. And that’s good. He himself said that he was overweight from the wrong lifestyle.

– Does he continue to work in the shop?

“Yes, right there.” Although he was repeatedly offered an easier job, sitting at a table, shifting papers – he refuses, saying “I’ll be like everyone else.”

– Did you not manage to organize the theater?

– The film I have already mentioned became his main creative work in the colony. This film was made in his spare time, on weekends. Man created it after work – he found among the prisoners capable people, maybe even somewhere talented, rehearsed with them, filmed.

– It was said that Mikhail Efremov’s wife allegedly filed for divorce. Is that true?

“I keep thinking, who needs to run these fakes?” Lies. I constantly communicate with Sofia Nikolaevna, personally and by phone. There was never even a hint that she was going to divorce him or stop helping him.

Someone is constantly creating a negative background – he orders a goose to his cell, the household service is against him, he is released and he lives illegally in his apartment. I haven’t read any lies during this time …

– Certain events have taken place in the country. How does Mikhail Efremov treat them?

– We talked about this when I was with him three weeks ago. His colony is very close to the border where the special operation is taking place. People there, of course, have their own opinion about our operation. And Efremov said the following: “I am against all kinds of conflicts in my life. But I understand perfectly well that the leadership of our country had no other choice and therefore I am positive about what is happening now. ” That’s almost literally what he told me.


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