Miracle. Grand Theft Auto V has been released for Android and iOS smartphones

Finally, the long-awaited day has come, which many people are guaranteed to have been waiting for a long time. Many years after the release of GTA V, which became available to everyone in 2013, it is now possible to play it not only on game consoles and computers, but also on smartphones running operating systems. Android and iOS systems. Given that tens of millions of people are still fans of this video game, this news is guaranteed to delight many people who can experience a terrific gaming experience, playing both a single-player company and multiplayer GTA Online, where developers are still very active in adding game content.

Despite the fact that more than eight years have passed since the game was released in September 2013, the video game is still of great interest to many people around the globe, and some even consider it the best. game in the history of mankind, finding it the most attractive for all its qualities and advantages. And so, as it became known, a real miracle happened, which everyone is guaranteed to be more than satisfied, because otherwise in this particular case can not even be. The American company Valve has made sure that everyone has the opportunity to play Grand Theft Auto V on their mobile devices, doing so absolutely free.

In addition to the fact that the game is completely free and does not require any money, so you can control everything that happens in the gameplay, with the help of virtual buttons displayed on the touch screen. Although, of course, did not do without the ability to get an external game controller to gain greater control over everything that happens. Everyone and everyone who just wants to, is guaranteed to be satisfied with this console, which is simply not even close to the set of qualities. It offers a stunning set of gaming experience, and everyone will definitely be satisfied.

You can play in a single player company and in multiplayer, I compete with other players. To start playing GTA V on a mobile device, you need to visit the Google Play app store or App Store, and then download the Steam Link mobile app from there. After its launch, it is enough to follow the instructions on the screen, and in this case you will definitely not have to pay extra for anything. So you can play Grand Theft Auto V, doing it anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. It is important that the video game is localized, including in Russian, so there are no problems with understanding what is happening and with the overall storyline.

Earlier it was reported that the next part of the series called Grand Theft Auto VI shocked everyone.

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