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Mironov made a proposal in the State Duma to postpone the election for a year

The leader of “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov during a speech from the faction at a meeting of the State Duma on May 17 proposed to postpone the single voting day (EDG) to 2023 in connection with the military special operation in Ukraine.

“We support the president in this hall, we all support a special military operation, and in the election we must talk about our contradictions, about what we do not agree with,” Mironov said. “Let’s send the money to our army, to our liberated territories.”

According to him, “the real Russian elite is being forged on the fronts”: “Let’s hold elections when they return victorious!” Mironov announced the statement on May 8 in his Telegram channel: “I read letters to my Internet reception. Many ask, “Do we need an EDG in September of this year?”

Speeches by other deputies at the beginning of the State Duma session, which took place for the first time since April 21, did not raise the issue of postponing the elections.

Dmitry Vyatkin, the first deputy head of the United Russia faction, who oversees lawmaking, refused to comment on Mironov’s statement to Vedomosti.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters after a statement by the leader of “Fair Russia” that there were no decisions on the issue of postponing the September regional elections in the Kremlin.

“It simply came to our notice then [только] Mironov’s proposal, “said a source close to the presidential administration, Vedomosti.

At the same time, it is still possible to legally implement the decision before the election campaign, says the interlocutor of “Vedomosti”, close to the leadership of the State Duma. The calling of regional elections starts on June 2, and after that it will be impossible to change the rules of their holding.

That is, as lawyer Oleg Zakharov explained to Vedomosti, by June 1 the federal law, which will allow to postpone the EDG to 2023, must come into force: – in direct elections or deputies of the regional parliament. “

“With a full” symphony of authorities “, the amendments can be adopted in 10 days,” said lawyer Garegin Mitin. “It is only a question of political will and objective justification of this decision.” If for the conditional border Belgorod region a change in the federal law could be relevant this year, then for remote regions such grounds are not seen, he said.

The grounds for postponing the voting date are the authority of the federal level, the regions themselves can not resolve this issue, said Zakharov: “Given the procedure for passing such a bill, which requires consideration of regional views, …

According to political scientist Pavel Sklyanchuk, there are no regular obstacles to prompt changes in the law and postponement of the elections, given that there are still three days of plenary sessions ahead. already under consideration. “

But the amendments must be adopted promptly, Sklyanchuk argues: for example, the last meeting of the Federation Council before the campaign is scheduled for May 25 (the SF approves laws and sends them to the president for signature).

If a decision was made to amend federal law, then in Art. 8 FZ-67 (on the basic guarantees of suffrage and the right to participate in the referendum of Russian citizens), says Mitin. The law “does not name” a special operation and related events as a basis for extending the term of office of certain public authorities, he stressed.

Authorities may, of course, propose changes to the election law, but are unlikely to follow suit, says election expert Grigory Melkonyants. The election may be postponed by a decision of the CEC of Russia, he said: “This is a new power of the commission, which can be realized with the introduction of high alert or emergency.” It allows the election to be postponed, explaining it by the “epidemiological situation”.

After the May holidays, “the mood in the regions, in the parties, and among the candidates for the autumn elections, everyone is actively preparing for them,” says Zakharov. when there are only a few days left before the election, such a radical change does not seem to be a mainstream solution. “

Political scientist Alexei Makarkin reminded that there were already leaks in the media that the elections could be postponed, but they have not been implemented yet. Mironov’s initiative is “not consensual” for the government, because otherwise it would have been initiated by United Russia, Makarkin said.

According to an interlocutor in the leadership of another parliamentary party (not “Fair Russia”), Mironov had previously decided that the election would not take place and de facto stopped the work of election headquarters in the regions. Vedomosti sent a request to a party representative.

“Parliamentary parties always have a common position on foreign policy and defense-related issues. This has never prevented the elections, “said Konstantin Kostin, head of the Civil Society Development Foundation. The expert believes that now the patriotic consensus can play into the hands of parliamentary parties.

If we fear the impact of economic factors due to sanctions, the situation may worsen later, he said. Therefore, the elections in 2022 are likely to take place, Kostin adds: “Perhaps Fair Russia and its leader are worried about their results or are trying to increase their presence in the news agenda.”


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