Misunderstood: Abandoned for PlayStation 5 will not receive a free demo – the promised prologue will be paid

Promised earlier by the developers Abandoned the prologue of the game, which should appear in the application Abandoned: Realtime Experience on PlayStation 5, will not be a free demo. About it the chairman Blue Box Game Studios Hassan Kahraman said in an interview with the publication IGN.

According to him, users and journalists initially misunderstood the announcement no one promised a demo. Instead, the audience is waiting for a small paid project that will help finance the production of a full-fledged Abandoned.

“The prologue is not a demo. The network continues to write that it is a demo, but we did not promise that.

In fact, it is a separate game that will have its price. The cost is expected to be low, as the duration of the prologue will be about 1-2 hours. We will set a fair price.

Proceeds from the prologue will go to Abandoned funding. That’s why we first want to release such a project, “Kahraman explained.

According to the developer, the studio managed to get funding from investors, but it is not enough to create a great game. In this regard, a plan with a prologue was devised.

“We do not have a publisher, we are not funded by EA or Ubisoft. We do everything ourselves,” said Kahraman.

Kahraman explained that the prologue will allow players to get acquainted with the introductory part of the story Abandoned, the basics of gameplay, setting and technical part roughly show what to expect from a full-fledged big game.

“We’re not claiming the title of AAA developer, but we’re really paying a lot of attention to the picture, trying to achieve maximum realism. Unreal Engine 5 helps a lot.”

The head of Blue Box Game Studios also once again blamed the game’s poor progress for lack of experience The studio is working for a wide audience for the first time and has already realized that it is better not to make hasty announcements, in which it is not completely sure, because it irritates users. Example, Recently, the network noticed the disappearance of a series of tweets about Abandoned, which resulted in speculation about the cancellation of the game and caused a negative online.

Kahraman is in no hurry to show Abandoned in his current state, because he is reacting to it and wants to make sure that the game is ready for demonstration. On the other hand, he has a desire to “reveal all the cards” faster.

“It’s a very personal project, so I’m a little scared, I won’t hide. But the problem is that few players understand how games are created. They only discuss the picture on the screen, they don’t care about the history of the development process.”

The exact release date of the Abandoned prologue is still unknown.

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