Moiseev wrote off Orbakayte’s apartment, Podolskaya left Moscow, Ovechkin found himself in a difficult situation

These and other popular news from the world of stars for March 20 – in the review of

Christina Orbakayte. Photo: Global Look Press

Recently, Boris Moiseev has been leading a reclusive life. And the day before it became known that the artist wrote off his apartment in Jurmala to Christine Orbakayte. The cost of housing is impressive – 200 thousand euros.

Meanwhile, Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, who plays overseas, found himself in a difficult situation, and Natalia Podolskaya left Moscow after Nikita Presnyakov. Together they are vacationing in Sochi.

About this and other news from the world of stars – in the review of

Boris Moiseev wrote off the apartment to Kristina Orbakayte

Back in 2015, Boris Moiseev left the stage. The artist has suffered several strokes and now leads a reclusive lifestyle. The day before it became known that he rewrote his apartment in Jurmala for 200,000 euros, which is almost 24 million rubles, to Kristina Orbakayte.

Boris Moiseev
Boris Moiseev. Photo: Global Look Press

Boris Moiseev has been friends with Alla Pugacheva’s eldest daughter for many years.

Natalia Podolskaya left Moscow

Singer Natalia Podolskaya left Moscow after her stepson Nikita Presnyakov. The grandson of the Prima Donna is resting in Sochi these days with his wife Alena Krasnova and friends.

Natalia Podolskaya
Natalia Podolskaya. Photo: personal archive

They stopped at one resort. Natalia flew to the south of Russia with her children. Whether they are accompanied by Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. is still unknown.

Who can hide under the mask of the Kid in the “Mask”

Millions’ favorite show “Mask”, which shows NTV, is in full swing. The essence of the project is that the jury members and the audience guess which of the stars is hiding under one or another mask of the participant.

The kid in the show
The kid in the show “Mask”. Photo: NTV

Vocal teacher Vladimir Brilev believes that Ruslan Alekhno or Alexei Goman can be in the image of the Kid.

“I have two clear candidates who can hide in the mask of the Kid. This artist has slightly inflated positions on the piano of the top notes and, at the same time, a powerful, brutal bottom. Therefore, it is either Alexei Goman or Ruslan Alekhno, “Brilev said.

Alexander Ovechkin found himself in a difficult situation

Russian striker Alexander Ovechkin has played in the NHL for many years. The day before it became known that in one of the regular matches of the championship he was booed by the stands.

Alexander Ovechkin
Alexander Ovechkin. Photo: Global Look Press

The manager of the NHL club “Washington Capitals” Brian McClellan admitted that the Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin has been under incredible pressure in the last month.

“He was the face of our franchise and the face of hockey in the city. His family grew up here, his children were born in Washington. Because of his status, he found himself in a difficult situation for which he was not ready, “said McClellan.

Dima Bilan’s diagnosis became known

The day before, Dima Bilan underwent surgery. The artist has been suffering from a serious illness since he was 12 years old, and lately he has been making himself known more and more often. That is why the 40-year-old singer decided to take drastic measures.

Dima Bilan
Dima Bilan. Photo: Global Look Press

Bilan did not openly name the diagnosis, but NTV journalists conducted their own investigation and found out that Dima most likely had a stomach ulcer, gallstones or a polyp.

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