Money beat Putin? Social networks about Anna Netrebko’s statement

Opera singer Anna Netrebko seems to have decided it was time to save her career in the West – and condemned the war.

I strongly condemn the war in Ukraine, and my thoughts with the victims of this war and their families. My position is clear. I am not a member of any political party and I am not an ally of any Russian leader. I acknowledge and regret that my past actions or statements may have been misinterpreted. In fact, I have met with President Putin only a few times in my life, particularly on the occasion of the award ceremony in recognition of my art and the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Otherwise, I have never received any financial support from the Russian government, I live in Austria and I am its tax resident. I love my homeland, Russia, and seek peace and unity only through my art. After the announced break, I will resume performances in late May, initially in Europe.

Natalia Osipova:

Another cultural figure decided, thinking for a month?

Maria Snegovaya:

That’s what life-giving sanctions do!

Oleg Mikhailov:

Amazing somersault: Anna Netrebko changed her shoes in the air.

Leonid Pavlyuchik:

And I so hoped that she would become a soloist of the Donetsk Opera …

Violetta Groysman:

It took her a month to certify her thoughts with a notary.
And where is the T-shirt “To Berlin !!!”? Another lawyer?
God gave man such a talent, and he did not report everything else human, including dignity. I would have remained a Putinist until the end! This could be taken as a belief.
But no, what are the beliefs? ..

Vasily Alenin:

Heartfelt meetings with Putin will not replace a professional career.

Kirill Shulika:

She is simply a tax resident of Austria, which she mentions at the end, and she needs to start singing in Europe. That is, she signaled to the Russian authorities that she was being tortured, blinked. She’s not like that, don’t think about it, she just wants to live in Vienna, not in some Yasinovataya or even in Donetsk.

Nikolai Podosokorsky:

I wonder if she will now be allowed to live and work in Europe in peace? Or a single “repentance” and “renunciation” through social networks is far from enough? What is the point of treating such statements made under enormous pressure?

Anastasia Demidenko:

I can’t help but write this: Anna Netrebko committed a betrayal in the spirit of the heroine Orwell. All her cheers and patriotism turned out to be pompous and insignificant. It is not a matter of other views that no one has the right to condemn or evaluate. And not even in household needs, which is also understandable. This is elementary ugly meanness.

Oleg Tsarev:

It’s a human pity for Anna. But repentance will not help. Many have not yet understood this. Now they are either us or we are them. There will be no other. Asking, humiliating is pointless.

Zahar Prilepin:

I am not so much worried about Netrebko as I am amazed at the West and its radiant moral image.

What are they doing? They make people give up their parents.

“Tell me this bitch is not your mother!” Tell me! Admit that this is not your father – but the enemy of mankind! You are not betraying the Motherland, but the regime! Admit it! Well!”

“Yes, this is not a mother, but a bitch! Yes, this is not the father, but the enemy! This is not the Motherland, but the regime! ”

No, Anna.

Of course, you did not abandon Putin, but two hundred thousand brothers who are now pulling the strings of war in Ukraine. From one hundred million Russian people who pray for them. From the vast past of the Fatherland, and its difficult future.

Some want to sing. Some want to live. Some choose to sing. Some choose death.

Everyone has their choice.

But the point, again, is not in Netrebko, but in the world’s jubilant meanness.

And how all these cunning liberal institutions relished the times of Stalinism, when children renounced repressed fathers. Look, they cried out, what totalitarianism, what despotism, what dehumanization! What were these Russians doing!

We look and see. Totalitarianism and dehumanization – today and now. Shameless times. Liars and Pharisees do their work.

The real patriots now have another idol, chess player Sergei Karyakin, who supports Putin and the “special operation” despite the disqualification of FIDE.

Anton Krasovsky:

There are nothingness, like Netrebka (the name says it all), and there are heroes like Sergei Karyakin.

I would like all Russians to be like him.

Egor Kholmogorov:

Sergei Karyakin is a real Russian hero. I believe that he will be the World Champion. And he is already the Champion of the Russian World, not only in chess, but also in firmness and loyalty to the Motherland, which, alas, is not enough for all athletes.

However, the American theater is not yet ready to return Anna to the stage.

Alexander Friedman:

“To betray in time is not to betray, but to foresee.” These words from the legendary film “Garage” by Eldar Ryazanov belong to Sidorin, who was brilliantly performed by Valentin Gaft.
Yesterday, the outstanding Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko condemned the war in Ukraine and disowned the Russian president, in whom until recently she did not spare her soul, and whose policy – including in Ukraine – she considered correct.
Immediately after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine, the New York Metropolitan Opera demanded that the singer take a position. Netrebko kept quiet and stopped cooperating with her. But the Russian blitzkrieg failed, Mariupol, Chernihiv and Kharkiv happened, and Netrebko does not want to end his career on the stage of Russian provincial cities. She wants to sing in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Milan and New York.
In New York, Netrebko did not believe in the belated “insight”. They are ready to return to the topic of cooperation with her if the singer actually proves her position.
And this is another example of history, when in the end it was possible to betray, but could not be foreseen.

Alexander Hurgin:

But in general, of course, we want too much from the singers. The singer is the chest, palate, diaphragm, lungs. A singer is anything but brains. So – well, what to take from her?
By the way. I really like the trumpet. Especially jazz. Well, there’s Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker. I really like trumpeters. At least these. And I really like a short anecdote, which was told to me once by the chief conductor of the Dnepropetrovsk Symphony Orchestra, to my great regret, the long-deceased Slava Blinov. He knew and understood musicians well, so he was a good conductor. The anecdote is: “A prostitute married a trumpet player and a week later dropped to his level.” The same with Netrebko.
Well, forgive me, trumpeters. And forgive Glory.


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