“Morbius” – who was shown in the scenes after the titles and what it means for the universe of Sony

We understand in what world the events of the film take place.

“Morbius” started in the world box office on April 1, but it did not come out in Russia. It will be possible to watch the film only after the digital release, which will take place in two or three months – it all depends on the collection of the picture.

But if you are interested in what was shown in the scenes after the titles of “Morbius”, we have prepared a description and explanation. From them it is quite possible to understand where Sony wants to move further with its “Spider-Man universe”.


the article has spoilers for the film.

The first scene

The episode is directly related to the latest films about Spider-Man. There is a rift in the night sky over New York, similar to the one closed by Dr. Strange. Then the action moves to the prison cell, where Adrian “Vulture” Tooms – the antagonist of the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.

He looks around and quickly realizes that he is in another universe. The villain utters only one phrase: “I hope the food here is better.” The criminal is even mentioned in the news release.

Morbius trailer shot

According to the presenter, Tooms appeared in an empty cell out of nowhere, and no one knows who he is. Since the villain has done nothing in this universe, the authorities decide to release him.

Note that in one of the trailers was a scene of a conversation between Morbius and Tooms outside the prison. However, it, like all references to Spider-Man, was cut out.

The second scene

Michael Morbius goes to a mysterious meeting outside the city. Soon Tooms arrives in a new suit: this armor is even better than the one in Return Home. The villain says that he has heard about the doctor’s achievements, and mentions that he is still trying to get used to an unfamiliar world. He blames Spider-Man for his movement.

Tooms then tells the interlocutor that guys like them should unite for “good deeds.” Morbius replies that he is intrigued. Apparently, the Vulture gathers the Ominous Six to avenge Spider-Man.

Scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming

After watching this scene, several questions arise. For example, where did Tooms find an improved version of his costume, if there was no villain in this universe, but he moved in prison clothes? Did the hero just steal similar armor from some military base?

In addition, it is not clear from this scene whether Spider-Man exists in this universe and whether Morbius knows about it. According to the director, the action of the film takes place in the world of “Venom”. However, both he and the actors refused to answer any questions about Spider-Man, citing secrecy within Sony.


Thus, in the “spider universe” Sony already has three villains who can join the new team: Venom, Vulture and Morbius. However, it will be strange if the latter still agrees to commit atrocities with the others. According to the film, he is more like an antihero, prone to good deeds.

In addition, in “Morbius” there is a reference to the villain Rhinoceros. Recall that the character appeared in the sequel to “The New Spider-Man”. But at one point, you shouldn’t think that Sony wants to add Spider-Man to its universe, Andrew Garfield.

“New Spider-Man: High Voltage”

The next superhero film of the studio will tell about the formation of Craven the Hunter: the picture should be released in January 2023. Moreover, the studio is busy developing a film about Madame Cobweb, which is inextricably linked with Spider-Man. We will probably learn more about Sony’s intentions after their releases.

As for the Ominous Six, Sony has long wanted to make a separate film about her. In 2013, she hired director Drew Goddard (“Hut in the Woods”) to work on the script. But the picture was canceled after the failure of the second part of “New Spider-Man”, as Sony focused on restarting the character under the wing of Marvel.

After the success of the first Venom, Amy Pascal spoke again about her readiness to work on the Six. Therefore, it is not surprising that the studio leaves hints of a villainous team-up.

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