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We bring to your attention a fragment of an interview with the Ivorian midfielder from the official program for the match PFC CSKA – “Ural”.

… – In the national team of Côte d’Ivoire, you crossed paths with Seydou Doumbia – one of the main army scorers of the XXI century. Are you talking now?

“Of course!” In the national team, Seydou was for us like an older brother – authoritative, always prompts, helps. He has a fantastic career, he played for big clubs, and now he is happy with our success, he looks after everyone. When we agreed with the red and blues, I immediately sent him a message. Seydou congratulated me and wished me good luck. I know that he scored a huge number of goals for PFC CSKA…

– 95, and together with the contribution of Lasina Traore and Cedric Gogua, we have more than a hundred Ivorian heads.
– Wow! I also expect to add a few more of myself. There is time, there are enough matches for that.

“What advice did Solomon Rondon give you before you left?”
– I kept asking him: what about Moscow? How is PFC CSKA? And he said that he had a great time here, gave the best recommendations. He said only good things, and many things have already turned out to be true. Everything about the club coincided one hundred percent – professional approach, level of players, ambitions, atmosphere. Now I can’t wait for it to finally warm up, and I will be able to explore Moscow.

– So you can wait a long time.
– (He laughs) For now, walking is very cold for me, but from the taxi window, when you go to dinner with one of our guys, you can also see the Kremlin, other places. The restaurants here are great, all the people I talked to were kind and hospitable. Here the sun will look, it will become warmer – and I will go to the Red Square!

– Have you seen bears on the streets of Moscow?
– (He laughs) No, no bears, no tigers. I think they’re only here at the zoo. And in Siberia (smiling). Every foreigner who comes to another country is familiar with the main stereotypes. It is a fact in Russia that it is cold in winter. But everything else is not as some people think. You will never know what is true and what is not, if you do not try. It was about the same when I left for Germany. Friends were shocked: “What are you going to do there ?! Everything is different there. ” But in the end I spent three wonderful years there, saw happy people, relatives came to me, they also liked everything.

Stereotypes are mostly spread by those who have not been to the countries they are talking about. Now I’m in Moscow – and I like everything too. The club rents me a room in a great hotel, I see that many around are smiling, we get along well. When I first came here, I thought, “Wow! I’m in Moscow! ” (smiles). From the first day everything is going great, the people are kind, the city has everything. We often discuss this with Jorge, Yusuf, with all the guys who came with me at the same time – for example, when we have dinner or just talk. I will say this: Moscow is an ideal place to play good football.

Read the full interview with Jean-Philippe Gbamen in the program № 12 (673).

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