Natalia Podolskaya confessed to cheating Vladimir Presnyakov: “She felt terrible”

Natalia Podolskaya was hiding under the mask of the Octopus. Photo: NTV press service.

The big TV carnival is in full swing: in the show “Mask” on NTV we reached the brightest participants of the project. Last Sunday, the Shining Octopus was handed out: tearing off the mask from the contestant, the jury members saw on stage Natalia Podolskaya. However, there was no surprise: the voice of the singer was recognized by all the star judges.

Osminog-Podolskaya told about what she had to do for the project.

– Natalia, you took off the mask – alas or hurray?

– I was nominated three times in a row, as if I was being prepared for departure. The first nomination was a shock, the second – a horror, but the third time I did not expect to be nominated. It seemed to me that I had such a fantastic number and song, I was confident, and we had a great time with the jury that day. Our communication did not always turn out the way I wanted, but not this time. So I was very surprised when I was nominated again. And then I realized that the fourth time I definitely do not want. So on the one hand I was upset that I left the show, and on the other – I’m happy.

The main fan of Octopus is the host of the show Vyacheslav Makarov.  Photo: NTV press service.

The main fan of Octopus is the host of the show Vyacheslav Makarov. Photo: NTV press service.

– “Mask” is a great adventure. Did you immediately agree to participate?

– Immediately, because this is a very interesting and creative project. In the studio you start looking for new colors of your voice, new timbres, opportunities, use various tricks, some melisms … This is an incredibly exciting process, so when I received an offer to participate in the show, I did not doubt for a second.

– How did you hide your participation in the “Mask” from your relatives?

– Oh, it was a whole story … I was encrypted by Volodya (Vladimir Presnyakov’s husband. – Ed.), Probably more than a month. It was necessary to go to the fitting, then to the selection of musical material, then to the studio, then rehearsals and recordings of programs began … I always turned around and invented something, in a word – lied. I felt terrible about it. I was very afraid that Volodya would suspect something and start, God forbid, suspecting me of something. We in the family love “Mask”, we enjoy watching the show. In the end, my husband recognized me immediately, because he and I are relatives.

Regina Todorenko confirmed her second pregnancy by appearing on the set of

Regina Todorenko confirmed her second pregnancy by appearing on set in a “naked” dress. Photo: NTV press service.

“Did the Octopus costume sit on you like a cast, or did you have to tinker?”

– At a meeting with the organizers of the project I was shown several sketches of future costumes. The octopus was one of the first, and it was love at first sight. I do not remember all the costumes that were offered to me, but among them was definitely the Horse. In my opinion, the Octopus is one of the most beautiful and interesting costumes, so feminine, monochrome, we even coincide in movements. However, sometimes it seems to me that choosing the Octopus was my mistake, because in another costume, such as the Monster, it would be easier for me to remain unrecognized. But the Octopus struck me with its splendor, I could no longer look at any other masks, I just wanted this one.

– And if we talk about comfort – what did you feel while inside?

“I was comfortable in the Octopus costume.” It is light, very maneuverable, easy in it. And it was not difficult to breathe. There was not a very good review, but, in principle, I adjusted. We merged with him! The suit did not restrict my movements, unlike, for example, Donut, he – poor – can not move at all. Numerous tentacles not only did not interfere with me, but, on the contrary, helped, giving the movements greater amplitude.

– What did you have to change the most: intonations, vocals, gait …?

– I tried very hard to change my voice. I think I did best in the first two programs. But on the third, both the jury and the audience recognized me. I also tried to change intonations, built phrases differently, my gait was dictated by the costume itself, so I didn’t have to invent anything here. The conversation with the jury had to be taken into my own hands, so I thought of the concept in advance. Probably, the intrigue is lost when you are 100% sure who is under the mask, and it becomes uninteresting. These are my personal feelings.


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