Netrebko stated her position in connection with the crisis in Ukraine

Anna Netrebko. Photo from a social network account

World-famous singer Anna Netrebko condemned the special operation conducted by Russia in Ukraine.

On March 30, 2022, the world-famous Russian singer Anna Netrebko said on her social media account that she condemned the Russian special operation in Ukraine, almost never met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and did not receive financial support from Russian authorities.

The message is published in English. Here is his translation into Russian:

“I strongly condemn the war against Ukraine, and my thoughts with the victims of this war and their families. My position is clear. I am not a member of any political party and I am not an ally of any Russian leader.

I acknowledge and regret that my past actions or statements may have been misinterpreted. In fact, I have met with President Putin only a few times in my life, mostly on the occasion of the awards ceremony in recognition of my art and the opening ceremony of the Olympics. (in Sochi in 2014 – ed. note).

Otherwise, I have never received any financial support from the Russian government, I live and am a tax resident in Austria.

I love my homeland Russia, and only through my art do I seek peace and unity.

After the announced break, I will resume performances in late May, first in Europe.

Earlier it was reported that European management has suspended cooperation with the singer.

Anna Netrebko’s management refused to cooperate with the singer

Anna Netrebko’s performances at the Zurich Opera House and other venues were also canceled.

The Zurich Opera preferred Veronica Gioeva to Anna Netrebko

Recently, Russian producer Anna Netrebko said that the cancellation of Anna Netrebko’s performances in Europe was the result of her own decision.

“They didn’t need to cancel, she canceled them herself. Anna will start work in May ”

In recent weeks, many Russian artists have faced difficulties in holding concerts in the West or canceling concerts altogether. Conductor Valery Gergiev lost all his engagements and positions in the West, his concerts, as well as the concerts of pianist Denis Matsuev with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the United States were canceled.

The Bolshoi Theater, the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Musical Theater, the soprano Anna Netrebko, the pianists Boris Berezovsky and Lyudmila Berlinskaya, the cellist Dmitrienitsa and many other artists Anastasia other artists.

The concert of cellist Anastasia Kobekina was canceled in Switzerland

Some music competitions have announced that they refuse to accept participants from Russia.

Concertino Prague will not host Russian participants in 2022

In some countries, concerts and performances featuring music by Russian composers have been canceled or postponed.

The premiere of the opera “Boris Godunov” has been canceled in Poland


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